Computer burp…et cetera…

September 22nd, 2012

So apparently our computer hasn’t learned its manners yet!  At any rate, it wasn’t minding whatever manners it does have!

If you received an email from The Blessing of Verity titled “URGENT:  The Boy with the Million Dollar Smile,” telling you that we don’t qualify to adopt and asking you to please share that post…

Please accept our apologies on behalf of our errant computer and disregard it.  That post was published in June and we don’t know what possessed our laptop to send it out again today!

We do, in fact, qualify to adopt, and we are, in fact, adopting Tommy!  Please, oh please, don’t share that post in hopes that another family will step forward for him!


*wiping forehead*


Changing the subject slightly–we were thrilled to receive our last home study clearances in today’s mail, so we’re still on track to have a completed home study off to Immigrations by this time next week!  Thanking God for this answer to prayer!


Since this is a subject-changing sort of post, allow me to tell you about a few other kind things the Lord did for us this week.

~We took Katie to the dentist we’ve had since Joseph was a baby.  He knows all about Katie’s story, and had met her once before and agreed to take her on as a patient.  When the visit was over, I reached into my purse for my wallet, whereupon he told me I could put that away because I wouldn’t be needing it.  And if it turns out that it’s safe in the future for Katie to have teeth pulled, he has oral surgeon friends he sends special kids to, and he’d do his best to arrange it so that there would be no cost to us for the surgery.  God is taking care of Katie!


~We received two new photos and one video of Tommy.  It is amazing to watch the video and see how strikingly similar he is to Katie in his behavior and development!  My first thought was that these two were meant to be brother and sister!

No, actually, my first thought was that I can hardly wait to get that boy into my arms!


~Our social worker from our US placing agency informed us that she’d be away from her desk all next week.  Oh no!  Not next week!  That’s the week we need her to do the Hague review of our home study so we can apply to Immigrations!

Believe me, I bit my tongue almost in half to keep from asking what this would mean for Tommy’s process.

The next day, she emailed to tell me that because we need to keep Tommy’s adoption moving fast, here’s what she’s doing now to be ready to work on it while she’s away!  I was so relieved and thankful that I cried!  Thank You, GOD!  Some of these extremely sleep-deprived days, I literally feel as if we’ve kicked off our shoes and are running for Tommy’s life.


~We mailed off the second packet of letters for the new director of Katie’s baby house!  Hurray, hurrah!  And please do keep them coming if you haven’t already.  We’ve already received five more to start the third bunch of twenty-five!  We would love to have sent her at least a hundred notes when all is said and done.  We so much appreciate your willingness to participate in Project: Encouragement!  Thank you!

Please write your thank you notes to Dr. Dessisslava Georgieva, and mail them to our address.  For our mailing address, please email me at


~Three ladies with servants’ hearts have taken over the administration of Tommy’s online auction, set for October 22nd to 27th.  One of them set up a simple blog, which should be ready to go public before too long.  More details coming very soon, Lord willing!  Thank you, ladies, you are blessing us immensely by taking this on!


~This week most of our children and I had the privilege of eating supper with three other very special adoptive families.  We had a blast!  Thank you, all three of you, for a marvelously refreshing and energizing night!  [We’d love to see photos if you don’t mind sending some our way!]


Still changing the subject…

Wouldn’t this be a fine spot to plunk down a photo for a friend who recently watched Katie eat and eat and eat and wondered whether her meals always take that long?

Here it is–one of our favorite meaningful Katie-faces, and proof that she does eventually get full and stop eating!

Not one more bite shall cross my lips.  The end.





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6 Responses to “Computer burp…et cetera…”

  1. Sonya Vande Velde says:

    Oh my! I saw the post come through my email and all I could think of was Tommy waiting . . . again and also how devastated y’all must be.  Thankfully, I realized your lastest postings or comments would be at the blog itself.  What relief and joy!!!  I’m so thankful things are moving along and people are continuing to work to help get everything lined up for Tommy’s race!  I can’t wait to see how he comes to life and shines once he’s home! 

    And Katie . . . growing, laughing, beaming, and refusing another bite because she’s SATISFIED!  Love that twinkle in her eyes!  God is so good!

    Praying for all of you and for Tommy.

  2. Kim says:

    The  most adorable picture of Katie to date! 

  3. Denise says:

    Oh my– I had sent out MASSIVE prayer requests for you and Tommy!!  Then someone noticed your emial was dated June– whewww– I was so heartbroken!!  I am so realieved to know all is going well!!

    You continue to be in our prayers!!! 

  4. Missy says:

    Katie looks like she is still smiling with her mouth closed! Sometimes her expressions look like her age, “Mama, I think it’s time to go outside and play, let’s put away the school work”. 

  5. Deanna Rabe says:

    This was a fun post – like chatting with you after church! :)  
    So thankful how everything is moving right along for Tommy’s adoption!

  6. Brianna D. says:

    Thanks for explaining the computer’s mess-up; I was a bit confused at first!  No worries, I know computers all have these strange ideas of their own sometimes!

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