Thank you notes for the Pleven director!

August 25th, 2012


Hi friends!

If you haven’t yet written your thank you note for Dr. Dessisslava Georgieva, the new director of the Pleven baby house, you need to know that it isn’t too late!  

In fact, it won’t be too late next week, or next month, or next year.

There is no deadline for this opportunity!


In the words of my Bulgarian friend Desi,

“I would like to volunteer my services as translator for the letters to the director.”


And after I let her know how wonderful it was that she offered before she was asked,

“Of course I would love to translate those thank you notes, as many of
them as there are, and as long into the future as they will continue to
come in.”


Anyone who has ever been in a difficult position of authority will understand one reason why Dr. Georgieva is discouraged in her job at Pleven.  She is working with staff members who have been there for years, used to doing things in ways that were the most convenient for themselves, and unused to pushing themselves hard.

She might give instructions to ten people and receive in return an argument, a sigh, rolling eyes, an assertion that the old way was better, a complaint, a criticism to her face, a criticism behind her back, a counter suggestion, a badly done job, and a job left undone!

We haven’t heard one bad report about Dr. Georgieva.  She is truly an answer to many, many prayers.

She is working very hard and making excellent decisions to help the children, like using a donation to install a “…video control system in the orphanage – her idea is to be able to observe the staff and the way they do their duties and treat the children (as you know this is very necessary in this orphanage).”

Isn’t that incredible?


We mailed the first package of maybe two dozen notes off to Bulgaria this week, and already have four more notes waiting!

If you wrote one of them, I am so touched!  I know she will be strengthened by your words!  Thank you!!  Bless you!!!


And if you were one of the folks like me who tend to think that there are probably so many other responses that mine wouldn’t make a difference–that definitely doesn’t apply to this situation!  Please let her know how thankful you are for her!

We would love to flood Dr. Georgieva’s office with this tangible evidence of our love and support!

Thank you so much for joining in the effort to do this!

Send your notes to our address.  For our mailing address, please email me at




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3 Responses to “Thank you notes for the Pleven director!”

  1. Judy says:

    Susanna, tell us how to get these letters to Desi- email or snail mail, and where to exactly?

  2. Susanna says:

    Oh Judy, I’m so sorry I didn’t make that more clear! I just went back and edited the post. Thank you so much for asking this question!

    Send them to:

    Joe and Susanna Musser
    350 Smithville Road
    New Providence, PA 17560

  3. Abbie says:

    I will be writing one just as soon as I can!

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