Your light has come, little child

July 23rd, 2012


Small dear one,


When you were born, it was a dark time for the mother who gave birth to you.

The people around her used their words to paint a sad and dark picture of her life with you in it.

She put you into a dark place, in charge of a woman who did not love the truth.

For seven long years, you were hidden in that place of no love, of darkness and lies.


The place where four year old Marsha


eight year old Payton


…and twelve year old Penny…


…are still waiting for their families to claim them!

Please email without delay about adopting Marsha, Payton, or Penny!, or


You live in a place that made a five year old boy look like a tiny, skinny baby.


Meet Adam, who has endured severe physical, emotional, and medical neglect.  He lies in bed all the time with no baba and is suffering from the lack of shunt and cataract surgery.  I can’t look at him without tears, and cannot read his file without feeling angry.  Please, someone, allow God to move your heart, and email Nina Thompson about adopting this precious boy from Pleven.



Little girl, you know all about being hungry, just like Adam does.

Look again, and see just how thin, pale, small, and sad you are in this picture.


Then your Father in Heaven opened the Pleven doors and shone the light in.

The darkness has been slinking away, and now beautiful truth is finding its rightful place.

A wonderfully kind doctor visited you.

There is a new lady in charge of you now.  She’s glad the light is shining into Pleven!


“She shared lots of changes…that are going to be great for the children and best of all, she is EXCITED about the [donated, specialized] formula!!!   She has completely revamped the “kitchen program”, so the kids are getting better quality food (and learning to eat from spoons, etc), the children with special needs will NOT be isolated anymore and will instead be integrated in with the other children and there is much more accountability in regards to the staff. It sounded like she’s restructuring everything, including mindsets.  :)”


I cannot read this without laughter bubbling up inside me!  Because it means more than simply policies or words, or simply a fundraiser button on a blog and kind people who give.

It means your life is changing, tiny girl.  You are getting better food.  You have put on a little weight, and have a healthier color now!  You are gaining energy.  And smiling.  And laughing.

Not long ago, a loving daddy and mommy saw your face.  They aren’t scared by your needs.  They love you just the way you are!  They sent a paper to your country to say,

“We commit to do all it takes to make this special girl our girl.”  


Beautiful small one,

“Arise, shine, for your light has come.”






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30 Responses to “Your light has come, little child”

  1. Oh, thanks be to God!!! What a wonderful update!!! Continuing to pray for the sweet children in Pleven…

  2. Shanna says:

    Amazing and powerful.  What a beautiful little one!  God is good!

  3. Maureen says:

    She looks like an entirely new child :) Continuing in prayer for the others!!!!

  4. Amy says:

    Susanna, this is beautiful.  We’re praying for all of the other little ones with her, that their families will come for them too!

  5. Lydia says:

    Susanna,  I am so thrilled for Bianca and her family! What a smile.  I have also blogged about these children in the hopes we will see them all home soon!

  6. Mila Ballew says:

    Praying for all these children.  I am Biancas new grandma and I can’t wait to get my arms around her and tell her how much I love her already.  Please continue to update us on the changes going on.  Praise God for all the people who are seeing the truth and helping.  Mila

  7. Holly F. says:

    Now that there is more of a caring administration in charge of Pleven and doctor’s from Tokuda visiting occasionally, isn’t it possible for Adam and Marsha to receive, at the very least, a shunt?  (I admit to not having much experience with hydrocephalus but I’ve heard/read about kids receiving shunts at all stages of swelling.)

    Hooray for sweet Bianca!  I can’t wait for her to meet her parents!  She looks great but needs a Mama and a Daddy!! 

  8. Susanna says:

    Holly, thank you for asking this question.

    The doctors at Tokuda have examined Marsha and concluded that her condition is too involved for them to attempt shunt surgery in Bulgaria. So she is waiting for a family and a surgery.

    Nina Thompson is inquiring into the possibility of surgery for Adam, and I will let you know what she finds out.

  9. Susanna says:

    Mila, thank you so much for introducing yourself! It is a true privilege to hear from you!

  10. CeAnne says:

    I know this is probably confidential but is Bianca her original or adopted name? This looks like a little girl we almost brought home and I would LOVE to know this is her! It would provide me much relief. Our daughter has been home from Pleven a year and month this week! Praise God another little has found a home!

  11. Susanna says:

    Thank you for asking, CeAnne. Bianca is a pseudonym. The parents who have committed to her are close to choosing a new name for her.

  12. Sarah says:

    Rejoicing!! What an answer to prayer! Seeing the change already in Bianca is amazing . . . how good the Lord is to provide not only medical care and nutrition for her, but now her very own family!!

    When seeing the post you had done several weeks ago about some of the children waiting to be adopted, of which Bianca was one, I, in turn, did a post on my blog sharing a link to this post of yours and to a few other ones as well ( In the post you had done, Bianca was one of the children that especially touched my heart . . . tears came to my eyes as I looked into her hurting face and how I wished I could have somehow reached through and brought her (and all of the others) home to a loving family right then! So seeing that she has a family is especially exciting. I am so happy for her and her new family and so thankful to the Lord for what He has done!

    I am praying for the each of the other special children as well . . . praying that their families would find them and bring them home soon. If I could, I would gladly welcome any number of them, but as an unmarried young woman, that isn’t possible for me now. So I keep praying for them!

    I have read your blog for months, Susanna, but this is my first time commenting, and I would like to take a moment to thank you for sharing your heart, a glimpse into your family’s lives and also sharing about these desperately needy children. What a great blessing your blog has been to me, and also life-changing. You have opened my eyes to a world of hurting children that I was not aware of. And little Katie quickly stole my heart when I first began reading! As did Verity when I later read her story, too. (I love seeing posts about them. : ) What special gifts your two beautiful daughters are . . . every photo of them makes me smile! The joy in their faces shows so clearly the warm and tender care and the unconditional love that they receive, as well as the joy that they in turn give to others. What a blessing they must be to you!

  13. Catherine says:

    Thanks for the update. Its truly remarkable what some good ole praying can do.

  14. Susan says:

    What good news! I am so relieved and thankful to learn that at last, significant changes are underway at Pleven  – Bianca’s photos speak for themselves -a happy, alert and beautiful little child, clean and appropriate weight, toys…such a contrast to that sad, malnourished, wickedly neglected little waif in her earlier photograph. Our prayers have been answered, and the light is shining where there was darkness, indeed. Thank you for being a torch-bearer into that former darkness…

    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to 2 from EE  

  15. Gail Kenyon says:

    Wow, this is wonderful to hear about the changes going on at Pleven!!! Praise be to God!
     Although Ana I’m sure is one of the healthier children from Pleven we still see SO MANY delays and behaviors that we know are a result of where she spent the majority of her life! It just breaks my heart to think of what she endured and others there. Again, I am so glad to hear that changes are being made! Thanks for sharing this news, Susanna!

  16. Marilyn Osborn says:

    Wow!!   PRAISE GOD!!!!!!

  17. Joleigh says:

    I swear you’re trying to kill me with these posts!  Weep!!!  I’m so excited for Bianca and I love how much healthier she looks.  I have friends at Pleven this week and they went in VERY skeptical but are impressed/encouraged by what they have seen so far.  Praise God!!!  I look at Bianca’s new pictures and I see a familiar skin tone, big beautiful eyes and rounded cheeks that look so much like the ones I kiss every morning, every night, and as many times a day in between as she will hold still to let me. :)  I’m so excited to see Clara and Katie’s countrykids coming home.  (Yes, new word… “countrymen” seemed a little wrong.)  Thanks for posting.  Love you!!

  18. Kelly Mayr says:

    Crying happy tears!!!  I am soooo happy to see the changes coming to Pleven!!!

  19. Rachel M says:

    Praise the Lord!!!! 

  20. I’m so happy that things are changing for our Pleven kids.  I can’t wait to be able to hold my own little lovie.  I pray that it’s soon! 

  21. Jamie Garcia says:

    On a somewhat related note: My husband read a blog written by a woman who adopted 2 ‘special needs’ daughters from Ukraine last year. He does not feel comfortable with adoption for our family. He read the post and was really touched he told me, now he’s praying about adoption in general and what God’s will is. But God :)
    Are there any organization going to Pleven to help out besides the baba program?

  22. Chelsea says:

    Hello Susanna,

    I was wondering if I would be allowed to share Adam’s picture. I didn’t want to get you or me or Adam in any type of trouble so I wanted to make sure it was ok. Also does he happen to be listed with any particular agency? 

  23. Susanna says:

    Chelsea, thank you for asking. Anytime you see a child on our blog linked with the name Nina Thompson, the child’s file is with Children’s House International. And yes, please do share Adam’s picture and story! Just keep his location more vague, and/or link to this post. (Adam is a pseudonym, as are the names of all the orphans I write about; I prefer not to clutter them up with quotation marks.:) ) Spreading the word about the children is one of the most vital and effective things anyone can do to help find families for them! THANK YOU for doing this!

  24. Susanna says:

    Yes, Jamie, a few that go in sporadically for limited periods of time, and a Swedish baba program that does not provide accountability to its babas.

  25. Kelly Mayr says:

    Susanna, did you see who is on MFFM??

  26. maria says:

    I don’t know where to ask this question so I am asking here.  Since Katie is so small have the doctors ever considered giving her growth hormones?  Or will she eventually catch up?  I admire what a wonderful job you and your family are doing in caring for her.  And I just can’t get over how adorable Verity is.  I always smile when I see her picture.

  27. Andrea says:

    Praise God!  I am so happy to hear that there is change on the horizon!  This post pf yours is so beautifully put, would you mind if I shared it on my blog?  I will of course lead with where it came from.

    I just love your blog!  Your story is inspiring and your heart is amazing! 


  28. Susanna says:

    Andrea, I’m sorry I did not reply before now. Yes, absolutely feel free to share this post on your blog! Thank you so much for helping spread the word!

  29. Lyn Leahz says:

    I will keep you and your organization in my prayers.  God bless you for what you do for children.  May the love of Jesus and the Holy Spirit shine on you, and the children.  Amen.

  30. Melissa says:

    Again!! I have been so blessed to meet Adam’s mommy who will be travelling on trip 1 in the next month or so.  I love looking back at these posts and seeing how many of these children have been found!! Praise GOD!!

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