Information wanted! (A little help for our friends)

July 19th, 2012

Our family has been greatly blessed to witness God opening the hearts of countless families to adopting children with special needs.  So many times, I have wished to help each of you in some way to bring your child home.

An idea has been simmering on the back burner, and its time has now come!


This request is for you, if all the following are true:

1)  You have emailed me at any point in the past, or we have met in person,

2)  You are in the process of an international special-needs adoption (doesn’t have to be Bulgaria), and

3)  You could use a little publicity for your fundraising efforts.


If these statements describe you, and you would like your adoption to be featured in an upcoming The Blessing of Verity blog post, please email me with the following information:

1)  Your names

2)  A link to your blog, if you have one  [If you are adopting from Pleven, please indicate whether you’d also like your blog to be included in a Pleven adoptive families blogroll.]

3)  A link to your Family Sponsorship Profile on Reece’s Rainbow, and/or directions on how to donate, including any current or upcoming fundraisers

4)  Brief pertinent information about the child or children you’re adopting, such as name, photo, age, special need, Reece’s Rainbow profile if applicable, and possibly country

5)  Where you are in the adoption process

6)  The amount you have left to raise to be fully funded


For practical reasons, we’re limiting this blog post to those of you whom we know, who write to us yourselves with your information.  Rather than leave your information in a comment, could you please email me at

There is no deadline to be included in the post, as we can add your information after it has been published.  Thank you so much, friends!

You bless our lives, and we will be praying that God blesses this effort, and that it helps to bring your children home!


P. S.  Don’t miss the Frequently Asked Questions Wanted post!




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