Frequently asked questions wanted!

July 19th, 2012

Hello everyone!

What questions would you like to see answered in a Frequently Asked Questions page here on the Blessing of Verity?

As we wrap up our family’s summer…


…I hope to finish a few key blog posts by the time our new academic year begins.

The FAQ page can be added to as time goes on, and will be given a nice little link on the sidebar for easy access.  Among other topics, we want it to include information and advice from several Bulgarian adoption specialists.

If you have wondered whether Katie has received human growth hormone, or what your very first step should be if you’re planning a special-needs adoption from Bulgaria…

…this page will be for you!

Please leave your questions in the comments to this post.  All questions will be considered!

Thanks so much for helping out with this project!



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19 Responses to “Frequently asked questions wanted!”

  1. Jessica says:

    Hi Susanna!  I would love to hear about Katie’s likes and dislikes – favorite food, etc.

  2. Melody says:

    Hi!  I’m a teenager and, if adoption is in my future, it will be a reaaally long time till it happens.  Until then, what can I do to be involved in helping with saving these precious kiddos? 

  3. Rachel says:

    Can you write a beginning to end summary for Katie’s story that I can direct people to? You could link to full-length key posts during the process. I know…. huge project. But it would be awesome. :-)

  4. Rachel says:

    Questions from a curious fellow adoptive parent:

    What are her stimming behaviors? Can she be redirected? How much has she learned to understand of spoken speech? Sign? Gestural? (How much did she know when she came home?) How much therapy does she receive each week? Is it more parent-direction or do they actually work with Katie? How big do you think she will grow? 

  5. Galit says:

    There are some families that adopt 4 or 5 children with severe special needs at the same time.  Given your experience with the level of care that Katie required/requires, what do you think of this practice?  Would you consider such an adoption? What advice would you offer parents who are considering this?

  6. Holly F. says:

    There has been much controversy over international adoption and “stealing children from their culture.”  My response is always “What culture?  Do you mean the culture of death?” 

    What would be your response?

    Do y’all attend Buddy Walks?  Do you have a large local Ds support group?

  7. Julie says:

    What are your favorite resources for someone who is just starting to consider international and/or special needs adoption?
    Also what Melody asked.  For those who aren’t adopting anytime soon, how can we help these kids?

  8. Stephanie says:

    What are your best tips for managing your home and raising your noisy, messy kids in a smaller-than-average house?

  9. Holly D. says:

    Has Katie started to pull herself forward on the floor at all or crawl? What is her physical strength like? Will she eat finger foods now. Will she pick up her drink to drink it? Does she reach her arms out for you to hold her?   Does she tell you somehow that she needs to go to the bathroom?  Does she play with Verity?

  10. Jodi says:

    Hi, Susanna.  This may be too personal a question (or just not relevant enough) and I will understand completely if you choose not to answer it, but it’s something I’ve always wondered about.  I am guessing from your family size that, at least prior to Katie’s adoption, you were of the “open-to-life” or “quiver-full” (for lack of a better term) persuasion.  I am wondering if God’s call to adopt has changed your perspective on welcoming further biological children at all.  In particular, what advice would you give to a family who is typically open to pregnancy whenever, but are in the process of adopting and could potentially delay or even derail their adoption process if they were to become pregnant? 

  11. Jenny says:

    Hi. I was wondering, in what ways is Katie more mature than Verity or even the little boys? On a different note, would you know if adoption from Pleven is open to families from the EU? 

  12. A Friend says:

    Have you or would you consider a more user friendly blog/layout design? WordPress has endless options, and the current one, although simple and lovely is really quite narrow and limiting in screen space. A wider width with links to direct to various information about your precious treasures and backstories for new readers would be great! I know with your traffic and wonderful message, I really think your users would benefit from a more aesthetic and thoughtful layout! Just a though! I try to share Katie’s story a lot because people tend not to believe me when I tell them, but I think sometimes the layout of this blog might limit new readership from really grasping what all has taken place over the past year.
    Best wishes!

  13. Susanna says:

    Dear “A Friend,” I would LOVE it, and it is getting more necessary and inevitable all the time. The trouble is that we have so much on our plates getting ready for the new school year, and I have no idea where to begin to do a blog overhaul. Our oldest son Joseph is a genius at programming, but design is not his forte, and I have NO technical expertise at all. I’m already kinda overwhelmed at the thought of all the work it will entail to go back through the blog from the beginning and fix the photo problem (which a few readers kindly let us know about recently). And then there are the pressing writing responsibilities which already mean I get four instead of eight hours of sleep at night more often than not. And…and…

    But I am not at all offended by your suggestion, and hope you feel free to write again using your real name and email address if you are willing for me to pick your brain. (Since those who see the problem are often the ones who hold the key to the solution. :D )

  14. sabrina says:

    I would like to know specifically what you did to encourage attachment when you brought Katie home. How was it similar and how was it different than the children you welcomed by birth? Also, how do you feel her attachment to you and your family is going? 

  15. Jamie Garcia says:

    How did you find your ‘new’ church that is supportive of your large family and conservative Christian values?

  16. Shirley says:

    Hi Susanna!
    I would love to know if you are still in contact with Katie’s Baba? What joy it must bring her to know that Katie is doing so well with her new family. I have a thousand more questions for you but I’ll limit it to one for now!
    Shirley from Switzerland

  17. Jaclyn says:

    Hey there….. I have inquired about sweet Hamilton. I am also trying to find out where I can see more precious kiddos…. I know you are a very busy momma, but I need your help. I have a kind of specific realm which my hubby would like our child to fit in…. Boy because they are less likely to be chosen and because I currently only have girls and under 7 because my oldest has her own special needs and she has begged us to let her be the oldest. Your story has always inspired me. 

  18. Susanna says:

    Jaclyn, emailing you!

  19. Sarah G says:

    Do you have specific agency recommendations for a special needs Bulgarian adoption? I’m echoing a lot of other comments when I say I’m also very interested in hearing about how Katie’s attachment and development are going. What have your high/low moments been? Despite having a background in special education, it’s hard for me to imagine what life on the parent-side is like. Thanks for sharing!

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