These two precious boys…

April 19th, 2012


…will be getting new names!




“Mickey”   Misha!



…and “Shawn”   Judah! 


have a FAMILY!!!


Praise GOD!!!!!







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14 Responses to “These two precious boys…”

  1. Ashlee says:

    Praise the Lord!!! 

  2. Sarah says:

    I can’t describe the joy I feel when I hear of new adoptions. This family will be so blessed to add these sweet boys.
    Susanna, I discovered your blog at the end of November, right when you brought Katie home! A couple of weeks ago I started at the very beginning and am slowly reading through all your old posts. I am now up to May of 2011. I can’t begin to tell you how God has used His story in your lives to challenge, encourage, and bless my life.
    Thank you for your faithfulness in keeping up this blog, I know there have been many times you wanted to give up on it. What a unique and awesome way for God to work, using this blog to save precious lives!

  3. Wonderful news! We hope to commit to Sarah after our 3 boys have court. Tom is visiting her next week with diapers and clothes.

  4. Sarah says:

    I stumbled upon your blog a week ago and read it from the beginning like a favorite book! You are such an inspiration; I homeschool and have *only* four children. I also have wanted to adopt for the past 7 years but God has not seen fit yet to soften my husband’s heart. I am praying for you and for the families adopting and especially for the children waiting on their families to find them.

  5. Holly F. says:

    Wonderful!!  I pray for all the children but Judah had grabbed my heart a little more than the others when I first saw his picture.  I’m overjoyed he will have a mommy to love on him! 

  6. Jane says:

    That made my day! What precious boys!  Their new life is waiting! 

  7. Kim Zim says:

    Rejoicing and praising God that two more precious ones will no longer wear the “orphan” title!!
     Thanks for letting us know. 

  8. lisa says:

    the ways the Lord works are just beautiful!  my heart is encouraged!

  9. Denise says:

    Susanna… that is so exciting!!

    Please pray– our family is HEAVILY considering adoption!!  I cannot even beleive it…. only a few months ago it was NOT even an option (that we knew of)

    After looking at RR…. we have a girl that we would LOVE to commit too– Joshua calls her by name around the house already…..   God has already been moving in our hearts VERY much… I know time is of the essence…… 

    My heart beats heavily and fast everytime I talk about it– let alone TYPE this… :)

  10. Susanna says:

    Denise, I am so excited to hear this news! I am praising God and praying right now for your family!

  11. Joleigh says:

    And their mama is a tigress!  She is fundraising like a wild woman.  I was actually looking at Shelley’s blog when the mama she asked about Shawn… they were already committing to Mickey.   Then boom, she called her husband, he said “yes” and the rest is history in the making.  God is truly amazing — and so are His people!  Yay! 

  12. sabrina says:

    Praising God for all the new adopting families!!

  13. ElizabethG says:

    Great is God’s faithfulness! What a huge blessing to this family! How wonderful for these boys. Thank you so much Susanna for reminding us over and over and over of God’s grace and goodness. It is exciting every time!

  14. Amy Rainey says:

    Praise Jesus!!! 

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