Sowing bountifully; reaping bountifully

April 4th, 2012

Dear friends [and I mean that!  Many of you have become dear to me over these many months!],


Have you noticed the Chip-In button over on the sidebar recently?  It’s been there long enough to turn invisible, but look again.

It says that $32,688.66 has been given to the medical fund for the children in the Pleven orphanage.

Yes, it is really true.  $32,688.66 for the thirty orphans in Pleven who need to be hospitalized, and for the others who can be medically treated at the orphanage.  

Two or three children at a time are being admitted to the Tokuda Hospital, and being treated there for about two weeks before going back to the orphanage.  Your gifts are already having a tangible effect in the lives of the first few children to get the medical attention they have sorely lacked!


Did you participate in the big Mulligan Stew fundraiser?  Then you know that $48, 708.24 was given during the month of March.

Yes, the stunning sum of $48,708.24 for the families who are adopting from Pleven and needed the fundraising help, as well as for   other orphans and another adoptive family.  (Don’t miss hearing how your gifts have strengthened and encouraged these families!)


Is anyone else astounded by the force of these numbers, and by the love that stands behind them?

We couldn’t help but wonder whether this outpouring of generosity would cause folks to tire of giving just in time for The Tiniest Unroe online fundraiser auction over on the Hidden Treasures site.  The exact moment the huge Mulligan Stew fundraiser ended, The Tiniest Unroe auction began!


Those figures total over $80,000!  Giver exhaustion, or something like that.  No, donor exhaustion.  Isn’t that what it’s called? 


You can imagine my astonishment and joy to read the following message from Amy Rainey, the hard-working coordinator of the every-other-monthly Hidden Treasures auctions:

“Until midweek, we only had about half as many donations as we do now.  Donations came pouring in this morning!  There is a lot of excitement surrounding the auction.  And we have quite a few brand-new participants!  I have had so many people tell me over the past few days that they are excited to be able to continue to participate.  I am very thankful!”


Did I say donor exhaustion?  What donor exhaustion?  You sound more like cheerful givers than exhausted givers!  Thank you for all you have poured out for these little ones.  THANK YOU!!!


And we’re also thankful for so many cheerful givers, because Shelley Bedford has some thrilling news.

So many of you have asked how you can help to get needed supplies into the orphanage itself.

Finally!  Finally!   There is now a way to get resources directly to the children Katie left behind in Pleven!!!  

Shelley Bedford has been working very hard to set this up, and God has blessed her efforts with success.   Some of you have asked how we can know that donated items will actually reach the children.  As you will see in the next post, that valid concern has been addressed.


So this week until Saturday at midnight–the April Hidden Treasures auction.  Don’t miss the fun!  Wait until you see the high-quality items that have been donated for The Tiniest Unroe!  Please help to spread the word!

All the funds raised will help Brent and Amanda Unroe adopt five children with Down syndrome–tiny treasure Keith from the Pleven baby house and four other children from four other institutions in Bulgaria.  They only lack about $6,000 to be fully funded, and we hope this auction will take a nice-sized bite out of that number!  I can hardly wait to see Keith being loved at home and growing out of his six-to-nine month sleepers!






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3 Responses to “Sowing bountifully; reaping bountifully”

  1. Hollie says:

    Love this! folks…don’t forget to broadcast the auction on your Facebook pages and blogs. Spread the word/love!

  2. Wow…  this is wonderful!!  :)

  3. Jennifer says:

    So very worth it!!!

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