What do you see in your minds’ eye…

February 25th, 2012


…when you hear the words “nine-year-old girl with Down syndrome, living in an orphanage?”


If you’ve visited the Hidden Treasures site since the last auction, you may have learned about Keith, the Tiniest Unroe.

His mama sent eighteen month size sleepers for him.  Way too big for this almost-five-year-old boy.


Keith’s daddy, Brent, visited him for the first time in Katie’s old orphanage a couple of weeks ago.  After witnessing the neglectful conditions of that place, and their effect on Keith, the Unroe’s hearts ache for him more than ever!  They could hardly stand to leave him alone in his little metal cage and walk away, not to return for months.  He needs to get out of there quickly and be home with his family who has lots of love waiting for him!

Brent and Amanda Unroe are also adopting four other children, from four other institutions, and all of them also have Down syndrome.  They had already chosen these four when they learned about Keith and immediately loved him as their son.  They were told that adding Keith would slow down the adoptions of their other four children, and it did.  But he was their beloved son and he needed them. Praise God for sending this wonderful, loving family of fifteen to welcome five more lost lambs into their fold!

The fact that their five children are in five different institutions means that Brent Unroe is spending more than a month in Bulgaria for his first trip.  Adopting five at once also means greater travel expenses when the Unroes bring their children home several months from now.  This is why we’ve chosen their family for the next Hidden Treasures auction, and why they’ve recently been hard at work putting together prizes for their adoption fundraiser giveaway.

A couple of weeks ago, Brent visited Keith.

The next week, Brent Unroe visited his next two children–two little girls from two institutions in the same city.  Anita is six years old, and Ahnja is nine years old, just like Katie.

It’s one of these little girls I want you to see.


Ahnja and Katie were both born in the same country.

Ahnja and Katie both spent the first nine years of their lives in state care.

Ahnja and Katie both have “ordinary” Down syndrome.

Their smiles look enough alike that they could be sisters.

Ahnja embraces life to the full.  She jumps and runs, talks a mile a minute, and works puzzles like a pro.  [You can follow that link to more amazing posts and videos of Ahnja.]

Sweet Ahnja is in an orphanage where the workers see the children as human beings, truly care about them, and do their very best to help them grow healthy and strong and learn new skills.  They want the children to have the best life possible under the circumstances, even if that means harder work for the staff.

Katie at nine-and-a-half years old, most comfortable being left alone in her bed~


Katie at almost ten years old, learning that it’s fun to knock down a block tower~




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3 Responses to “What do you see in your minds’ eye…”

  1. Mommaofmany says:

    Thanks for blogging about Keith and pointing out the truth that Down Syndrome itself did not cause Katie’s issues, but neglect and starvation did.  So many are being enlightened by your boldness.  As a church, we prayed during Katie’s adoption and are lifting up Keith ever time we meet.  I’ve fb’ed this link and will send it on to those who are not on fb.

  2. April(justonemorebaby) says:

    God bless the Unroe family. <3
    Thank you for sharing their story and showing, once again, the truth of that place.

  3. Anne Petitt says:

    Praise God day 3 $11,629  Praise BE TO JESUS.  Keep praying its coming in. We are expecting God to do a Miracle through His children who are being the hands and feet of these children.  We love your Katie and her friends and we can’t wait to see these others come home and be part of the miracle and the POWER OF LOVE… 

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