Three tiny girls

February 20th, 2012

Many of you have asked if there have been any updates on the three little girls who were admitted to Tokuda Hospital.


Nearly a year ago now, God providentially brought about a connection between our family and a family who had moved to Sofia, Bulgaria not long before.

David and Sasha Bliss are missionaries there in Sofia.  David is American, but Sasha is Bulgarian.  She made a trip to Katie’s former orphanage last March with a large donation from the United States, and was allowed to see and hold Katie, and take pictures.  What a wonderful gift it was to have those photos and videos, and especially the photos of Sasha holding Katie!

David and Sasha offered for us to stay with them at any time we were in Sofia, and we took them up on their kind offer during both trips to Bulgaria.  They have a true heart of hospitality, and were unbelievably supportive and helpful to us in many ways while we were in their city.


What does Sasha have to do with the three little girls at Tokuda?

This kind-hearted woman has been visiting them, holding them for long periods of time, taking items for their care, answering their moms’ questions about them, and sending us wonderfully long and detailed reports!

I have permission to copy very brief excerpts of her reports here~

“The three girls are in a very nice big and warm room with lots of light in it.” 

Nine-year-old Kolina is in the best shape physically.  “She is a very beautiful and sweet child with beautiful eyes.  She looked at me like she knew me.”

Fifteen-year-old Sophia has gained over two pounds already!  This is amazing!  Praise God!  “Sophia was the most active one out of the three.  I held both Kolina and Sophia for a long time.  Sophia also spend a lot of time in a walker.  She really likes it in there.”  

Eleven-year-old Liliana is in the worst condition of the three.  She needs a lot of prayers!  Her clothing size appears to be about six to nine months.  Sasha was able to hold her for about twenty minutes.  “Liliana looks so incredibly small and sick.  She seemed even smaller than she did last March.  But they said she is much better now than before she came to the hospital so that’s good.  I got to hold her for about twenty minutes.  She smiled and laughed a few times, that was really sweet.  She has the same smell that Katie did.  The other two girls didn’t smell like the orphanage anymore, they had a sweet smell.”

Sasha said that the two orphanage caregivers who are present with the girls had all good things to say about Dr. Lilova and the nurses at Tokuda.  “Maybe they’ll learn something.”

Saving the best for last, and, my friends, it speaks for itself~

“One of them was really impressed how Dr. Lilova has been hugging and kissing Liliana.” 




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12 Responses to “Three tiny girls”

  1. sabrina says:

    Praising God that these three girls are getting care and LOVE! 

  2. Jane says:

    God is good.  What a blessing Sasha is to the mothers who are waiting for their beautiful girls…thanks for the update!

  3. Susan says:

    Thanks so much for the very encouraging updates – Lilliana, especially, has been in my thoughts so much. It almost surpasses belief that she, like Katie and the other children, was so cruelly neglected for so long, yet managed to cling to life. Such tenacity has to be of and from God…

    You have given me much to ponder in regard to ways to help. Thanks for the information and suggestions, and most of all, for your passion for the waiting children in this place.

    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to 2 from EE      

  4. Julia says:

    Praise God!! I am SO encouraged and blessed to be hearing of the LOVE that the doctors are giving to these three precious girls. Our God is AMAZING!!

  5. Holly F. says:

    Oh praise God!!!  I’m so happy to read that they are holding on and recovering.  Waiting for their mama!!

    Liliana, hold on sweet girl help is here and your mama is so ready for you to come home, keep improving!! 

    “It almost surpasses belief that she, like Katie and the other children, was so cruelly neglected for so long, yet managed to cling to life. Such tenacity has to be of and from God…”  Susan, I was thinking the same thing but didn’t know how to word it!  Thank you for saying it better than I could.  God has plans for these sweet girls!! 

    Sasha said that Kolina looked at her as though she knew her.  Sasha, perhaps Kolina has dreamed of angels.  The come to her during her most sad and lonely times, and she knows that they are there to help her through.  And now that she is receiving care and healing, she recognizes one of the angels in YOU!!

    Praise God again!  We are winning this war and WILL NOT STOP winning. 

  6. CHRISTINE says:

    Bless them all!

  7. Wesley says:

    So happy to read that report extract.
    I will be praying for all those girls and also the medical team looking after them
    I don”t know if comments accepts web links but for those who wish to “meet” the team of doctors they are listed here  

  8. Mandy says:

    What a blessing to see the hands and feet of Jesus at work on the other side of the ocean! I cannot tell you how often these children are in my prayers. Believing for healing and a swift process for each of their families.

  9. Rachel M says:

    Praise the Lord!!

  10. So glad that the girls are improving.  You know how much I appreciate the updates and pray that Keith will get to see his miracles soon.  Praying for the girls and all the children!

  11. Rita in Spain says:


  12. Anna T says:

    YEA!!  I am glad that very good things are happening for these three precious girls that have waited for sooo long…((Hugs)) and prayers…    

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