One Q and one A…

December 6th, 2011

Note to our friends:  Several of you have asked excellent questions, and chances are, you aren’t the only ones with those questions.  I want you to know that Q & A posts are usually the simplest for me to write.

This is because I can’t always think of the questions others may have, but I often don’t have to do much thinking in order to answer them.  I can readily choose some questions from among the comments and emails, place them into a draft, answer them, and add some photos.  So if you have good questions, please know that they are a huge help to me and don’t hesitate to include them in your comments.

I have a big Q & A coming up next, Deo volente.  For now, what has been dominating life lately…

Question:  I’m sure there are needs and challenges you are facing now that you’re home…how can I pray for you, friend?

Answer:  Thank you so much for asking!  I’ve been miserably sick all day—chills and aches and fever—and my milk supply is super low.  I’m drinking a lot and pumping extra to attempt to bring it back.  I wasn’t able to rest today, but I might tomorrow.  Could you pray that our tiny bird would NOT catch it?  Nobody else here has had this fever.

And thank you, friend, you are sweet to ask.

(So grateful that this illness waited until I was home!)

Laura making friends with tiny bird, Saturday morning~










All the little boys came to see her on Sunday morning while Verity was drinking her breakfast bottle.  Katie’s belly was already full, so she was happy and cuddling up to me, but she was not sure about all these bodies so close to her personal space.  She’s already growing out of this size twelve month sleeper!

Tonight I was burning up so much I made both little girls sweaty while giving Katie her suppertime tube feeding.

I have saved the best pictures for the big update Q & A post.

Okay, maybe just one, from this afternoon.  She may be “severely disabled,” and be something of a “medical curiosity,” but to us she is just our sweet Katie-bird, and we can still hardly believe it’s all over and we have her safely home where she belongs.  

Precious tiny jewel.

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52 Responses to “One Q and one A…”

  1. Valerie says:

    With all you do, how much sleep do you get nightly?  I can’t imagine it’s more than a handful of hours.  If so, how do you replenish your energy?

  2. Lara Font says:

    I have no questions to ask, but just wanted to post how much LOVE I see in your sweet family, Katie is laughing and the looks of pure joy! She is sparkling Susanna, warms my heart and tears brim everytime I see her precious face!  Hard to believe weeks ago she was in a far away place all alone. Love the hairbow, adorable. rest my friend, you need all your strength. Praying all others stay well and you are healed quickly!  XO

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