Katie-stats at one month

December 14th, 2011

Weight – 10 pounds, 9 ounces  14 pounds, 10 1/2 ounces

Length – 29 inches  29 1/2 inches

Head circumference – 16 3/4 inches  17 inches

Waist – 12 inches  14 inches

Leg, hip to heel – 12 inches  12 1/4 inches

Foot –  almost 4 inches  4 inches

Upper thigh circumference – 5 inches  7 1/2 inches

Ankle circumference – 3 inches  4 inches

Arm, shoulder to fingertip – 10 inches  11 1/4 inches

Upper arm circumference – 3 1/4 inches  4 3/4 inches

Wrist circumference – 2 3/4 inches  3 1/2 inches






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84 Responses to “Katie-stats at one month”

  1. stephanie says:

    That smile!! Do you get anything done around the house??? I can’t imagine I could do any more than just sit and stare at her all day. And hug and cuddle and play too:)
    Amazing transformation!

  2. Elizabeth Miles says:

    She looks like a totally different child!

  3. Randy Boroughs says:

    Amazing!   Love is wonderful medicine!  Katie is in the palm of His hand.

  4. Kristin says:

    Beautiful girl!  Just keep up that growing!  Love all of the pictures :)

  5. Marilyn Osborn says:

    Praising Him!!!

  6. Michelle Mitchell says:


  7. Amanda says:

    That smile is just enough to melt my heart! And so exciting to see her stats, can’t believe it’s been a month already! Keep up the amazing work, Musser family!

  8. Tami Swaim says:

    Chunking up just fine!

  9. Amy says:

    beautiful!!!!!!what else can I say?????

     Amy P

  10. Tracy says:

    Such a gorgeous and captivating smile! I thought she was beautiful from the very first picture you posted of her….. but now she is just stunning and so full of life. Katie inspires me. (And makes me cry if I think about her too much!)

  11. Carol says:

    Wow!  As everyone agrees, Katie is absolutely beautiful! It’s crazy how much she has grown in such a short time. I can’t wait to see her a year from now! I wonder if she will ever understand how God has shone His light through her to so many. Now of us will probably know until heaven just how far-reaching her beaming smile really has been and will continue to be.

  12. Shari~hotfudgecustard says:

    Yaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!!  Wahooooo!!!  Praise the Lord!!! 

  13. Laura F. says:

    Go, Katie, go!  Susanna, she gets more beautiful as each day passes! I love her round cheeks!  

  14. Julia says:

    Beautiful!! Seeing her smile is such a BLESSING to me!! Love seeing this little girl grow :)

  15. Bernadette says:

    Susanna, her eyes were so big before, in her sunken cheeks, now they don’t look so big but they SHINE!!!  Thank You for sharing this tiny blessing with so many of us. Your posts bring so much joy as well as tears (of joy)!
    May God bless you richly. Bernadette 

  16. Katherine Lauer says:

    I’m overjoyed for you all!

  17. Aunt Carol says:

    She is such a sweetie pie – and is thriving so well under your love and care.

  18. Emily says:

    I’m laughing with happiness. She really is growing! Grow Katie, grow!

  19. cindy says:

    BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!  PTL

  20. Stori says:

    And generations will call you blessed! :) Holy is the LORD.

  21. Susan says:

    Not only is Katie beautiful and thriving, but her expressions speak volumes: she clearly feels loved, secure, warm, comfortable, and all the other things of which she was deprived for so long. She is interacting with both her environment and her family, and flourishing in every way. What a miracle, during this season of miracles! Thanks so much for sharing it.

    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to 2 from EE
    p.s. Hope the package I sent to Katie c/o CHOP arrived…    

  22. Lorena says:

    I shouldn’t be surprised, I really shouldn’t – I mean “nothing is impossible with God!”  But just look at those numbers – look at her!!  He really can do *whatever* He wants to, can’t He?!

  23. Valerie says:

    Itty Bitty Beauty and growing!!! This miracle is beautiful to see! What a gift!!

  24. I get so excited when I see her new pictures.  See is so precious!  I’m so excited for you all!

    Praise God!!!!!!!!! 

  25. Anne says:

    What I am watching is truly amazing and very humbling. I am the kind of christian who does a lot of outward works, which is mostly money and charity and rather proud of it in secret. But the truth is  I do not have a heart like you. Not everyone who calls themselves christian like me loves like you or is unafraid of doing the hard things like you. My heart has been atrophied for years with selfishness. When I see Katie’s face and her growth I pray for your kind of love, faith and humility. To God be the glory for using you and Katie to show what really matters this season.  

  26. Lisa says:

    What a beautiful treasure you have been blessed with. I stumbled on your blog before you brought your little bird home. It is amazing what love from a family, nourishment, and proper care will do. I am in awe at God’s work as your little birds life unfolds. So many lives have been touched. I am for one so thankful you are sharing your story. She is a beautiful child of God. I cant wait to watch her grow and become the jewel God wants her to be.

    Merry Christmas!   

  27. Grandma Sally says:

    Oh, Susanna, those stats are incredible!  What a marvelous Christmas gift.  love sally

  28. Shana Voss says:

    I can’t remember how I found your blog, but I check it daily. I just wanted you to know that the pictures of your Katie today made me tear up. She is beautiful. You have touched my heart. Thank you for sharing your life with total strangers…because even though you don’t know me, I feel like I know all of you really well!!

  29. Anna T says:

    YEA!!  Look at her cheeks!!  Rejoicing with you!!  ((Hugs)) and continued prayers!!

  30. Alice says:

    Katie, dear! You look so wonderful! Best of all, is the sparkle of JOY in your eyes!

  31. Margie Frizzell says:

    What amazing progress!  I am thrilled to check this blog daily.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this journey with all of us.  It is a blessing. I was wondering….just a suggestion that you may feel free to ignore, but would you put something in the photos next to Katie as a size reference?  A basketball, or spoon…just something so we could understand how tiny she is?  I think she must look bigger in the pics that the above stats suggest. I used to do this with my kids when they were babies…took there pics with a package of diapers next to them or the remote…just so they could see how tiny they once were! 

  32. Heidi Ehle says:

    WOW!!!! :) She looks fabulous!!!

  33. James chamberlain says:

    I  am really sadden to see that a country would do their children this way
    I know someone notice that the conditions of the children were not being met I am considering adoption my self and I was told that bulgaria was very hard to deal with as far as adoptions for single parents and I wonder why they do not consider anyone who wants to adopts one of the less fortunate kids because the way I see it they are going wait until they die and then say no one came forward to adopt I would to hear from someone who is single and adopted sucessful I am a person who meet all the guidelines but I would prefer a special needs child because the are in need right now

  34. Julie says:

    I am a latecomer to your blog and I am just now reading all about Katie’s story. When I got to this post and saw the pictures, my first thought was “Oh, you can finally see what she looks like!” Then I thought that’s kind of odd, since it’s not like she was invisible, but just…after she began putting on weight and opening up, you could really see her pretty face. It must have been an amazing moment.

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