In just under eight hours…

November 30th, 2011

…the next Hidden Treasures online auction fundraiser will begin!

Amy Rainey has been working very hard on this auction for over a month now.  What a blessing she is!

This time all the auction proceeds will help bring tiny Lina home to Brian and Stephanie Carpenter and their three other beautiful daughters, Sasha from Russia, Ellianna from Taiwan, and Avi from the Philippines!

This precious girl is only five years old and is tiny like Katie, and malnourished.  From the facts that we have, we know that Lina’s life is at risk while she stays where she is in Katie’s former orphanage, and she needs to come out of there and be properly cared for.  Brian and Stephanie are trusting in the Lord to keep her safe while they work very hard to bring her home, and so far, God has been expediting her adoption in amazing ways!

We are privileged to know the Carpenter family in real life, and have a lot of respect for their passion for the voiceless.  We are thankful to know firsthand that Lina will be going home to a family with so much love to give, and we can’t wait to meet her once she gets here!  What a day that will be!

Would you please check out the newest Hidden Treasures auction and help Liberate Lina?


[P. S.  A big Q & A post is coming up next.]

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7 Responses to “In just under eight hours…”

  1. Joleigh says:

    Susanna!  I can’t wait until you have your email access again!!  Our Nina is checking into a potential visit to Katie’s former orphanage while Scott and I are in that general region of the world.  If the details can be worked out for us to go volunteer for a few days, we would love to be able to bring gifts to Katie’s former roomies from their forever families.  I’d love to chat about some ideas for how we could do the most good in the short time we’d have.  We have a couple of pretty great churches that would be backing us up so we could bring and/or buy supplies in country.  So when you have a few minutes some day… :)  Is it too late to donate something for Lina’s online auction?

  2. April (justonemorebaby) says:

    Off to check out the auction! I missed getting anything in the last one!

  3. Libby says:

    Read this quote and immediatly thought of little Katie:

     God works out his own high purposes, slowly as it seems oftentimes, but surely and with unerring wisdom, until all things being done, the end is sudden, dramatic, complete. ~Cynthia Heald

    With many, many prayers sent your way! ~ Libby 

  4. stephanie says:

    Susanna…you are so awesome!  You blessed my heart tonight!!! I was checking your blog to check in on Katie and was surprised to see your post about our LINA!  The Lord continues to do miracles (will share when I finally call you…been wanting to for days now!) and we are just waiting to hear about our travel!!!  Thank you for praying and for caring in the midst of your crazy LIFE right now!!!  Praying for you all fervently and will call you one of these days!!!  with love –  stephanie

  5. Amy Rainey says:

    Thanks so much for posting a reminder about the auction!  We have 96 items listed….96!!!  God is blessing us incredibly. 

    I am so thankful to see the softness rounding out Katie’s precious little body.  You can see the love that surrounds her.  We are continuing to pray for her increased health and your stamina and peace.  Love to you, my friend.

  6. Jane says:

    Susanna, So thankful to you for helping all of us help the Carpenters.  They are all in our prayers as well.  And I look forward to the auction.  Sending love and prayers to you on this Wednesday evening.

  7. April(justonemorebaby) says:

    I just went to the auction but they won’t ship to me. Wahh! Good luck bidders!

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