The big question is…

October 23rd, 2011


Q:  When can you bring her home??

A:  I want you all to be able to read our attorney’s emails as we received them, so you can see how your prayers were answered.


Court Granted!

Dear Susanna and Joe,

I just returned from court!  The adoption of sweet Katie was granted today!  Praise the Lord.  It went on very fast and easy – this judge is wonderful!  When I walked in to the courtroom she said “Attorney, you seem to always have the largest families!”  But she was smiling widely so I knew she didn’t mean ill.  The prosecutor was a young nice lady and she completely backed me up – she even made a point (which I had made in my application to the court) that you had already arranged for Katie’s medical treatment upon arrival in the US.  So the adoption is granted, you are her new parents and she has a new name :)!

The court decision would be final on the 28th but we wouldn’t be allowed to pick it up before the 31st.  Then directly off to the Birth Certificates Office for new birth deed and certificate.  As soon as that is ready she’ll be ready for pick up.  The new Birth Certificate usually takes ten business days but I’ll see if we can do something to expedite.

I am still hesitant to give you travel dates.  I just want to make sure I have the court decree in my hands – sometimes there are delays of a day or two.  I’ll do some planning tonight with my mom and I hope to be able to give you dates tomorrow but even so, please do not pay the tickets before we have the decree in our hands!

I am in a big rush now as there’s a lot to be done before my next family arrives tomorrow but I am staying as always in touch!

[The attorney we will greatly miss when this is all over!]


Pick up trip

Dear Susanna and Joe,

After a lot of debating, praying and hope that we won’t jinx the things and everything would be fine, and with the faith in the LORD, I am announcing that you can arrange to arrive in [Katie’s country] on Nov.13, pick up Katie on the 14th and file the passport, my mom will pick it up on the 16th and polyclinic and the Embassy would be on the 17th.  The visa should be ready on the 18th and you can fly back on the 19th. Please, let me know how that will work out for you.

[The very best attorney any adoptive family could ever hope for!] 


There is so much more to tell you!  SO much more!  And it’s on its way…



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31 Responses to “The big question is…”

  1. Shauna says:

    Oh how exciting! and that is Cadence’s birthday so as we celebrate her turning 3 we will celebrate YOUR Katie too!  It’ll kinda be like a birthday for her too.  My Cadie will be so excited to share her birthday like that!

  2. cindy says:

    Sooo excited for you and praising God for rescuing this little one. 

  3. April (justonemorebaby) says:

    SUSANNA!!!!!!! That is so wonderful!! Praise Jesus!! 

  4. Missy says:

    Wooo Hoooo! 26 days! Double time praying.

  5. Jane says:

    My heart leapt when I read this post! I am so profoundly happy for all of you and so happy for sweet Katie.  God is great indeed!

  6. Felicity says:

    I am so, SO excited for you!

  7. Deanna says:

    Great emails….how God answered our prayers for the court hearing is wonderful.  Everyone on the side of getting Katie into her new family!


  8. Ginger says:

    Wow, wow, wowee wow! :D
    So very excited for you all! 

  9. Mandy says:

    So you’ll be able to share all the amazing details that God has done in your adoption once you get her home?

    Can’t wait till she is home and has her first ‘after’ photos taken.  

  10. Danielle M. says:

    thank you so much for the update.  The children are asking every night, “when will Katie come home? ”  And now I have an answer for them.  I am so excited for you.  You will have much to give thanks for this Thanksgiving!

  11. Amanda says:

    I got shivers reading these emails, SO happy for you !!!

  12. jamie says:

    Yay!!!!  I”m so excited that princess has a “pick up” date!!!!!!

  13. Amy (mimi) says:

    Oh what wonderful news! I am so excited for you all! Remember I am only a hour from the hospital and so excited to help in any way I can!

  14. cinny says:

    Just in time for Thanksgiving :)  Congratulations and thank you for continuing to share your story.

  15. Laura F. says:

    Wow… how many prayers have been answered!  I cannot wait until your precious Katie is home and in loving arms!  And I know you cannot wait to see her and hold her again and know that this time, you won’t have to leave her because you are taking her HOME!!  Lots to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!

  16. Kendra says:

    SMILING…just smiling, oh and singing!

  17. Aunt Erma says:

    Praising God with you.    When is Katerina’s official birthdate?

  18. Oh, this is the most wonderful news!!!!  I’m so looking forward to reading when that Katerina Hope is in the US!! 
    Will be praying that all will go according to the Lord’s perfect plan and may you be able to celebrate an extra thankful Thanksgiving this year.  
    When Katerina Hope arrives to the US, will she be in the hospital right away?  I think I remember reading something like that.  Is the hospital close to where you live?  I”m sure you can’t wait to see her and hold her, knowing you will be taking her HOME!!

  19. Susan says:

    What a wonderful Thanksgiving your family will have – and no doubt, is already having! I am so glad to learn this good news – what a wonderful friend and wonderful person your attorney is – please give her my very best wishes and thanks.

    I am so happy for you – and for your newest little daughter. 

  20. Susanna says:

    I will do that, Susan, and thank you!

  21. Deb W. says:

    Congratulations! Excited that Katerina will soon always feel the love of Jesus in your arms. Praying for your journeys in these next few weeks, and for your family while you need to be separated by the miles.

  22. Kristi says:

    How exciting!!!!!!! Can’t wait to see more! I hope you continue taking lots of pictures of sweet Katie to share with us! I cannot wait to see her sweetness again, especially as she grows and gets healthy! :)

  23. Trish says:

    Did you see who made it to MFFM today on RR?? =) So much good news this week!! I’m all smiles!

  24. Rachel says:

    And now I see that Tommy/Tony has been moved to the “My Family Found Me” page on RR.
    Awesome news all around :)

  25. Amy Rainey says:

    Thank you, Jesus!  What a wonderful, wonderful blessing.  I’m so thankful that we serve a God who is at work, even in the tiniest of details.  Praying, Praying. 

  26. Angiedawn says:

    Thank you LORD! I am so happy for you and HER!

  27. Jodi says:

    Yeah God!  We’re celebrating with you!  Congratulations!!!!!

  28. Jennifer says:

    So Happy for you all! Congratulations, praising the Lord! 

  29. Joni says:

    This is so exciting and amazing that God has moved mountains to get your precious Katie in your arms. I am just so very excited for you! PTL!

  30. Sonya says:

    You know that excited feeling, heart racing, goose bumps, tear-filled eyes, lump in throat, a grin from ear to ear feeling you have when you get such very good news…like the birth of a new baby?  Well, I think it’s magnified because of the special circumstances Katie has!  This is as special as any scheduled birthdate!
    Your attorney is priceless. 

  31. Beth says:

    This is wonderful I cannot wait till you get her. How exciting for your family.

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