What can we do to help?

September 8th, 2011

[This post was nearly ready to publish before we ran into our mountain.]

Many people have asked, “What is the best way to help the other children in Katie’s orphanage?”


Our attorney gave me permission to quote her verbatim~

A. Adopt children from there and get them out of there ASAP and into loving families; and

B. Support financially families adopting from there/families who want to adopt from there but don’t have the financial ability to.


If God has closed Door A for you…

…but has left Door B wide open…

~Keep praying that Katie’s government would help the other children in Katie’s orphanage by moving their files along quickly so that they can be made available for adoption.

~Keep praying that families would continue to line up, waiting to commit to these little ones as they become available!  I was recently told that up until now, older boys have been harder for Reece’s Rainbow to place, even with large grants.  But we know that God can do anything, even send loving families for older boys!

~Help Liliana by praying her through the adoption process.  Her family is working steadily through the requirements, and she already has more than a full grant!  I held this tiny, damaged, precious child, and prayed over her, asking God to please send a family who will love her back to life.  It was inexpressibly thrilling to learn that a family said “Yes,” to God and “Yes,” to Liliana.

~Help Steven by praying and giving to his fund on Reece’s Rainbow.  Praise God, he now has a family committed to adopting him!!!  Many of you will also be excited to learn who this is!

~Help Daisey by praying and giving to her family’s adoption fund on Reece’s Rainbow.  My friend Gail and her husband Mike want to trust the Lord to provide the funds they need up front.  So far, He has done that the way He did for us at the beginning–by providing just enough, just in time.  Right now, they have just enough for the next step, and no more.  Little Daisey’s picture has hung on our refrigerator for months.  Only now, I am in that picture with her.  She melted sweetly into my arms just like Verity does.

~Help Teddy, Val, and Steward by praying and giving to their family’s fund on Reece’s Rainbow.  My friend Elizabeth Archer and her husband Tom just brought two other little boys home from a different orphanage in August, and are beginning the process of adopting these three precious little ones from Katie’s orphanage.  I held all three, and all three tugged at my heartstrings in different ways.


Is it a good idea to give money to help the orphanage?

I know that there are some directors that are wise with the money trusted to them.  But, in those instances, the kids don’t end up neglected like the children in [Katie’s orphanage] are.  There are a couple of organizations helping there, but the BEST way to help those kids is to get them out…quickly.  I’ve seen it time and time again.  Money to cover the adoption expenses WILL get children adopted faster.  I’d love to see churches saying “commit to adopt and the financial need will be covered”.

~Shelley Bedford


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6 Responses to “What can we do to help?”

  1. Cole says:

    Wow! What a wonderful update on all the good work going on, on behalf of these dear children! Look what wonder [God has} brought! Hugs!

  2. Jamie says:

    I’d love to see churches saying “commit to adopt and the financial need will be covered”.

    We’re tithing to the kids this month and next, and praying and praying! His will be done.

  3. sabrina says:

    Thank you for updating and giving specific prayer requests. Can’t wait to see who is adopting Steven!!

  4. Becky K. says:

    We were out of town but when we read the “mountain” post at a wi-fi stop at McDonald’s yesterday we all began praying, Immediately.
    God is worthy of all our honor, worship and praise.  His ways are so perfect.  Wonder what He is doing this time?

  5. Leah says:

    Thanks for the update! Excited to see who is adopting Lililana & whos adopting Steven.

  6. Thank You for posting our link. Yes, we need help. We are not too proud to ask for help for our boys! I thank God that you got to hold them Susanna!! (((HUGS)))
    Your Sister in Christ :o)

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