Did you hear?

September 28th, 2011

Good news

Mary”, another little one from a certain orphanage has made it to Reece’s Rainbow’s MY FAMILY FOUND ME page!  Praise God!

Our family has a particular reason to be thrilled about this particular adoption.  We know the family who is committing to her!  Just wait until you hear who it is!  When I am allowed to announce them, I will do it with a story. We can hardly wait to see what God will do through this adoption!


More good news  

Another little girl from a certain orphanage should also be on the MY FAMILY FOUND ME page!  Recently, one of you wrote to tell me that you were close to officially committing to “Kami,”  and to explain that a small filing error means that Reece’s Rainbow temporarily cannot post her photo.  I am praising the Lord for sending you to this sweet girl!


Please pray

Sweet “Annie” had a family hoping to be able to commit to her, but they were unable to.  Please pray that God would send a loving family to take this little girl home as their daughter!

And there are two little boys who have not yet had even one family inquire about adopting them.  “Butler” is one of them.  And I am sad to tell you that twelve-year-old “Tony,” whose Reece’s Rainbow name is being changed to Tommy, is the other one.  Not long ago, both these little boys were unknown and unseen.  Then God acted on their behalf, and now they are able to be adopted!  Please pray that God will continue to move in a mighty way for these two children, and send families to love them home from that orphanage!

I recently found out that none of the children who are currently becoming available for adoption from that certain orphanage are from the top floor where the children are in the worst condition.  A few of the children in the process of being adopted are from that floor, but none of the new listings are from that top floor.  Ever since I heard that, the cry of my heart to the Lord is for those children.  I have so much hope in Him that He is able to undertake for them and “un-stick” their paperwork where it has gotten bogged down!  The unprintable one is still up to his dirty tricks, trying to cause trouble when he thinks nobody is looking.  God is stronger!  Please pray that every one of these children will be registered!


Please help

(Wait!  Don’t run away yet!  Hee hee!)

We could use your help with two projects–

1)  If you have adopted a neglected child with special needs from Eastern Europe, and you are willing to have me consider publishing photos of your child here on our blog, would you please use the Email Us button over on the sidebar?  I will give you more details when you email!  Thank you so much!  (Also, if you know a family who fits that criteria, who may be willing to help us with this project, could you please pass the word along to them?  Thank you!)

2)  Would you be willing to think about what desirable items you could donate for an online adoption fundraiser auction for this little guy’s family?  These items could be gift certificates or gift cards, quality handmade practical and/or artsy items, clothing, accessories, baby items, home decor items–anything you would be willing to donate and then ship directly to the highest bidder in the 48 contiguous states.  Some smaller items may be grouped in virtual, themed gift baskets, so even small items will be considered.  If you can help this time, would you please use the Email Us button over on the sidebar, and ask for more information?  Thank you so much!

If you can’t help this time, keep watching for more opportunities in the future!  A small group of us are working hard on a soon-to-be-revealed fundraiser blog that is dedicated to helping the families from a certain orphanage, especially with the initial funds that are needed before they can access their Reece’s Rainbow funds.  We hope to try a variety of fundraisers as time goes on.

One of the things that has been fascinating for our family to see is how God prompts many of you to give toward Katie’s adoption and care.  Sometimes His choice of givers seems improbable, almost random!  But God keeps fitting every individual gift, small and large, into His big plan for Katie’s provision.  Those of us who are starting this new fundraiser blog know that we cannot help every family.  But we will work as God prompts us, and trust Him to fit our little gifts into the big picture for each family and the child or children they are adopting!


P. S.  I just realized that I haven’t yet explained the new Donate button on the sidebar.  Our family’s account with Lifesong for Orphans will be discontinued once we have gotten Katie home.  So that button will disappear at that time.  But enough of you asked how you can help with our extra expenses for Katie that we set up a way for you to give directly to a Paypal account titled “Katerina’s Care Fund.”  Before too long, we plan to start a list of the marvelous ways that God has been providing for Katie!  Than we plan to keep updating that list as we have updated the Our Adoption Finances page.  We LOVE to show you what God can do!

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7 Responses to “Did you hear?”

  1. Julia Nalle says:

    I am so jealous.  I just have to say this!  I am jealous.  We left 110 boys behind – at least 5 of whom are available for adoption.  More likely there are many more.  But the director refused to let pictures be taken.  We don’t even know honestly who the five really are.  We think we do but because we don’t know – we can’t yell and holler and advocate.  As I praise God for each family crossing the ocean to get your Lost Loves out – I grieve at mine.  Lost apart from God’s intervention!  All my Lost Boys.  Oh Susanna – I am so happy and so sad!!!

  2. I just wanted to say how happy I am that Katie is finally coming home! And, even though I can’t help out at this point in time, I am praying and thinking about all the kids that do not have forever homes yet. You are doing an awesome thing for Katie and all kids like her and for that I am so proud of you!

  3. Susanna says:

    Julia, I think I understand a little. I want you to know that God used the Lost Boys to break my heart, too, and I was rejoicing with your family a year ago when you brought Aaron home. We can’t see the Lost Boys, except through your writing about them, and through the few pictures you have posted. I can’t even find them on your blog right now; maybe you could collect all your Lost Boy posts and put them into one place so that they can be more easily found. Please keep fighting the good fight; even when it looks hopeless, we can still have hope, because you and I have our hope in GOD. Not even in what we want Him to do, or know He can do, but in HIM. I KNOW you believe this as firmly as we do. We grieve for all the thrown-away children, but not as those who have no hope.

  4. Allison says:

    Hello!! I’ve been following your blog and think it’s amazing what you and so many families are doing to help these children. God does some amazing stuff! I saw this article this morning and thought of you. It’s so great to hear how Down Syndrom has blesses so many families in such positive ways! And I just hope others that get the results while pregnant will read these stories to see what a blessing it could be.

  5. Rilla says:

    Susanna I tried to email you but it said my default mail client is not properly installed I wanted to talk to you about an idea I have in mind for the online adoption fundraiser.

  6. Susanna says:

    I’ll email you, Rilla, and thank you!

  7. Susanna says:

    Thank you for sharing that, Allison!

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