*Urgent prayer requests*

August 22nd, 2011

This morning, I woke up to an email from our attorney, containing an urgent request, among other things.

She has been monitoring this blog at my request, I have been careful to follow her instructions, and she has assured me I am doing exactly as I should.  Then this blog and at least one other blog came under the radar of non-governmental individuals who are showing more motivation about protecting their own interests than about rescuing the desperately needy children in Katie’s orphanage.

Also, we found out that some of the children with special needs who we thought would now become available for adoption are not eligible yet.  Either their parents never legally terminated their rights, or their files have never been listed with the MOJ by the social workers in Katie’s city.  Could you pray that God would continue to move on behalf of these little ones, so that their families can find them?

And we were heartbroken to find that there is one child with Down syndrome, small as a toddler and unable to walk, who aged out of the system this year. Legally, her time ran out.  She is no longer able to be adopted.  Could you pray that God would also undertake for her?

The other orphanages in Bulgaria are not as bad as this one.  These children have been hidden in one little dark corner of one little dark pocket of the world for a long time, and now God has shone the light onto their lives for His purposes.

The battle is far from over!  Satan hates the light!  He is angry, and is flexing his claws.  He wants to regain control over these children.  We are not ignorant of his devices!  Could you please help to pray him back into his dark, stinking hole?

Could you pray that God would bring a greater good out of this battle?  We could work for the children from now to the end of time to no avail if God does not act for them.

Could you please pray that God’s people will be overcome by the reality of His power rather than fixing their eyes on the human obstacles?  That He would compel them to eagerly lay down their own plans in order to love and welcome the least of these in any way that He calls them to?

Friends, we can trust our sovereign King!  He can do all these things, and even more, to magnify His own glory!

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it!

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28 Responses to “*Urgent prayer requests*”

  1. Carol says:

    We are praying!

  2. stephanie says:

    PRAYING!!! satan is scared! And together we WILL kick him back in to his hole! 

  3. Beth in Atlanta says:


  4. Susan says:

    Katie, the other children, you and your family are on my church’s prayer list. I called to make sure all mention of Katie’s country was removed from the weekly online newsletter, and explained the reasons. Yes, this is a battle for the forces of good to prevail, no question of that!

    The evil one is a coward and a liar. The innocence of a little child and those who love her and those like her can defeat evil, though not without a struggle. But the victory is assured.

    Please tell your attorney she’s also in our prayers – bless her for the good she does.

    And bless you, too.

    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to 2 from U.          

  5. Ginger says:

    Amen and I will be praying!

  6. Trish says:


  7. Angie says:

    Praying!  Praying! Praying that satan has to flee from that country and that we WILL see the hand of the Lord move the mountains in front of you. 

  8. Deanna Rabe says:

    God is greater!

  9. Sandie says:

    I suppose there are many who read your blog that would know exactly where the orphanage is located by the pics you previously posted.  For me, it could be as far away as the moon.  Sad they are doing this, so sad they are threatening to call a halt to the adoption of children they obviously care little about:(  Satan behaves like such a bully sometimes:(  Praying!

  10. MB says:

    Lord make a way where there is no way!
    (haven’t commented on your post yet, but the Lord put it on my heart to pray for you last night! I pray that God will grant you favor wherever you go… and your attorney too! keep walking forward in faith :)

  11. Danielle M says:

    The old sunday school line, “and if Satan doesn’t like it, he can sit on a tack” keeps coming to mind.  He is powerful, and full of evil, but oh he won’t prevail!!  We know who wins.  I am so sorry that the powers that be are getting angry.  But maybe angry is better than ambivelent?  Keep fighting the good fight.  We are praying for you and your family. 

  12. Denise says:

    We are praying here Susanna!!!

  13. Debbie says:

    Echoing everthing written above and will not cease!  May He make a way, where there seems to be no way.


  14. Anne Ross says:

    I have been following your blog since I first saw it. I am a RR advocate and mom to a little guy who is 6, with DS… Your blog has kept me up at night thinking and praying for these precious children.. In will pray for Scumbag Satan to be bound and tied .. He will NOT win!!!

    Mom to Joshua, 6 yrs

  15. Heather says:

    Praying every day, throughout the day. I have shared your story with many of God’s people so that we may all pray together that his glory be shown. Peace be with you and your attorney and all those her work for our Father’s glory. I was led this these versus in 1 Corinthians 1:27 “but God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” May God use these little precious children to make those who possess power realize the value of all human life.

  16. Keely says:

    Praying for all that you asked!!!  I have faith God will move mountains for these precious and innocent children.

  17. Jessi says:

    God–bind Satan in hell and protect all these sweet children from him!

  18. Oh my, the light has exposed the lies and the evil and now this. I prayed so hard it would not happen. I even started calling our country EE.
    Much much much praying will be sent up from here.

  19. Lori says:


  20. Gail says:


  21. Anna T says:

    Dear Susanna and family,  This does not surprise me.  I have prayed and will continue to pray for these dear children.  Also for hearts and the status quo to change in [Katie’s country] (and other countries).  Praying for strength, wisdom and favor to fall on T*** in ever increasing amounts.  Yes, the devil is not pleased by this.  I am praying for a hedge of protection around T***, these dear chidren and around you.  Praying for the evil one to be bound and thrown back into his pit.  ((Hugs)) and continued prayers…

  22. Will keep praying here!! 

  23. Praying hard here!  Is it ok to say the name of the country?  EEKS.. Off to check my blog post saying what country you were in.

  24. Elaine Williams says:

    I hope nothing will keep you from bringing home your newest member of your family.  I was led to your blog from another blog I read and have spent my down time over the weekend reading your blog from the beginning.  You amaze me with your ability to school, feed and clothe so many children.  Are you home now?  I did not realize you were about to leave the county.  Can you fill us in on when you will go back etc.  Thanks.

  25. Alison says:

    The God of the burning bush who commanded Moses to stand before Pharoah and led the people of Israel in a pillar of cloud and fire, who fed them in the desert,  the God of Daniel who shut the mouth of lions, the God of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego who was with them through the fire is the same God who is with you even today. He will go before you and clear your path. Though you are alone in a strange land away from the comfort and presence of your family and friends, you are not alone. You are surrounded by a ring of prayer that is more powerful than anything satan can put up. Your task is to fight what is before you, our task is to pray for you. It is as simple as that to me. As hard as it is to say this and I say this with faith, not in doubt,  if the outcome is not what we hope for, trust that it is the will of God. Prayers for your strength.


  26. Karen says:

    I am praying for you, Katie and all the children still in the orphanage.  I will be praying that the families that want these children will be able to help them, I will pray that your attorney doesn’t have any more trouble.

  27. Rosemary says:

    Am praying for God to blind Satan with His light! Am also praying that He will change the hearts of the bureaucrats, the citizens, the orphanage workers, and everyone else who may be susceptible to Satan’s cunning. (Am also praying for the children, their parents (both birth and adoptive), and your attorney. This is not too big for God!

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