August 17th, 2011

Before I left for this morning’s visit, I read these words…

“Is not this the fast that I choose:

To loose the bonds of wickedness,

To undo the straps of the yoke,

To let the oppressed go free, 

And to break every yoke?

Is it not to share your bread with the hungry

And bring the homeless poor into your house;

When you see the naked, to cover him,

And not to hide yourself from your own flesh?

Then shall your light break forth like the dawn,

And your healing shall spring up speedily,

Your righteousness shall go before you;

The glory of the LORD shall be your rear guard.

Then you shall call, and the LORD will answer;

You shall cry, and He will say,

‘Here I am.'”


How many of you have been praying that God would work a miracle, and let these oppressed ones go free??

As soon as we were settled in the car, our attorney turned around, grasped my hand, and told me some news that made me gasp and laugh and cry, all at the same time!  I cannot tell you any details yet, but God is hearing and answering our prayers!  God is moving on behalf of ALL, ALL the children in this orphanage!

We arrived at the baby house, first to meet with the director as planned, then to visit the five other children.  After our former encounters with this director, we were unsure whether she would really allow it when the time came.

Our attorney’s brother parked in the back and walked around to the front entrance to find out whether the director was ready for us.

We waited.

And waited.

And waited.

And then the heavens opened and God came down.

While our attorney’s brother was still waiting in the front, the director came out the back door to talk with our attorney.  I returned her smile and nod, and they began to converse.

What are they discussing?  Had she changed her mind about visiting the other children?

From the back seat, I saw tension in the lines of our attorney’s body, and cried out to the Lord to please send His Holy Spirit down through her and send His words out of her mouth.  O LORD

They finished their conversation, the director nodded in my direction, and went back into the building.

As if in a daze, our attorney gestured in mid-air with shaking hands and said she couldn’t believe she was so calm, so that during the whole conversation she felt like she was being held up in the air.

She turned to me again with shining face, and took my hand, and told me…

God moved the cold heart of this official to offer to do two things, completely out of the blue, completely unprecedented.  She has no idea what God just made her do.

One of the offers I can tell you, because it concerns only the life of Katerina.  The director suggested that in order to help expedite Katerina’s adoption, we could take Katerina to a studio to have her visa photo taken today, a step that Toni says comes later, and often holds up the whole process.

Visa photo, done.

The other offer I cannot write here yet, but let me tell you this, my friends!  God has shown us His power over death and the devil today!!  He has decided to directly intervene to save the lives of more children from this orphanage!

“Then you shall call, and the LORD will answer;

You shall cry, and He will say,

‘Here I am.'”

O Lord, we bow down and worship You.



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31 Responses to “God of MIRACLES!”

  1. Mandy says:

    Tears of joy seeing God work miracles!!

  2. Gail says:

    What a mighty God we serve! I’m in tears again—although they really haven’t stopped since you arrived in the country:) Thank you, dear Father, for hearing and answering our prayers! Amen

  3. Amy says:

    Praise the Lord!   It is often in our most dire circumstances that He brings the greatest glory to Himself.  I’m so thankful to read the joy in your words.  We are continuing to pray for God’s guidance for you and for protection and health for Katie.  Bless all who are working to bring relief to these precious children.

  4. Tears and chills and prayers!  :)  So happy the director’s heart has been moved. 

  5. JenK says:

    Praying so hard for you!

  6. NikkiB says:

    Praise God!!!!!  I love testimonies of God’s goodness…will continue to lift you up!

  7. sabrina says:

    Praising and thanking God with you!

  8. Carol says:

    Praising God! He is mighty to save. Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever! Continuing to pray for all involved. It’s hard to think about anything else.

  9. Coleen says:

    Wow, that is great news! Praying that will make things go much faster for Katerina! So glad to hear that things will improve for the other children too!

  10. Debbie says:


  11. Becky says:

    What an awesome God we serve! 

  12. Becky K. says:

    “God moved the cold heart of this official to offer to do two things, completely out of the blue, without being asked.  She has no idea what God just made her do.”
    These were the very words out of my mouth last night….agreed upon by everyone in the room…that the director would do things that she would never have expected to do!!!!
    Laughing and crying at the same time!!!!!

  13. Marilyn says:

    Praise Him!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Tara and Family says:

    PTL! I came across your blog via Summer Spitz blog, they are in the process of adopting a boy from abroad. I cannot tell you exactly the emotions when I saw the fist pictures of your baby Katie, no words,
    in pure disbelief! I’m sending prayers up daily for your precious one
    and will continue until she is “home”, safe and in good health! I will
    continue to follow as your daughter has touched my heart deeply!!
    Blessings to your beautiful family for paying the ransom to save this
    child, Tara
    (1 less orphan in this world, how awesome is that – so wonderful!)

  15. Kendra says:

    I am so elated, Susanna….my family and I, like so so many others have been praying so earnestly for Katie, for you, for the rest of the children. That the God of miracles would show His power and move mountains.  I have not been able to get much accomplished this week because I am SO distracted by the variety of emotions that I have been feeling….very distraught at times!  SO thank you for letting us know that God IS moving….I’m not sure what all He has planned but we are ever so thankful that he has heard our prayers and is answering.  With much love

  16. Sandie says:

    Praising the God of miracles with you!!!!  I am addicted to your blog right now, it’s the miracles!! 

  17. Susanna says:

    Becky, I KNOW!!! I am laughing and crying with you!!!!!

  18. Angie says:

    Praise the Lord!  God is Good!  So excited and thankful for the Hand of God our Father moving the  mountains that are in front of you step by step.  We will continue to pray until we see the open field in front of you instead of the mountains.  Lord continue to soften the directors heart and be with Toni and Susanna as they walk the path you have put before them.  Give them devine words to say at just the right times.  In Christ Name! 

  19. Deanna Rabe says:

    Woo Hoo!   So excited!  Can’t wait to hear the whole story when you get back!
    Praise Him!

  20. Libby says:

    What a blessing to serve a God of miracles!  Susanna, I know you prefer to keep the spotlight off of yourself, but every word and story you share is so clearly God-breathed.  It has been such a blessing to watch miracle after miracle unfold.  Our God is real, He is good and His love knows no boundaries.  Thank you for taking along on this journey.  I will continue to pray for strength for you and Toni {what a blessing and miracle she is!} as each day unfolds. 

  21. stephanie says:

    Can’t wait to hear more. And btw, I’ve totally given up trying to get through your posts without crying. Now just the titles get me tearing up because I know it’s going to be something miraculous!

  22. April (justonemorebaby) says:

    PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!

  23. Aunt Mary says:

    Proverbs 21:1 tells us how God controls a king’s heart so I think it is safe to say he controls a orphanage director’s heart the same way. Great news indeed you shared with us. Praise His Name.

  24. Kristin says:

    Happy happy tears here!  Praise God, who truly gives way more than I could ask or imagine (such little faith)!  Still praying for you and Katie and an expedited schedule!

  25. TracyMenard says:

    Watching, praying, and sending love to you, dear friend. What a complete thrill to see our mighty God at work.

  26. Rejoicing with you!!  We serve a mighty and awesome God!!  Will continue to keep praying!  (((hugs)))

  27. Jamie says:

    YAY GOD!!!

  28. alice says:

    Have chills and praising HIM!

  29. Anna T says:

    Thank you Jesus!!  Praying…

  30. Aunt Carol says:


  31. Joy says:


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