All the way home

August 23rd, 2011

The car was very quiet for most of the trip back to the capital city.

We reached our meeting place with missionaries David and Sasha Bliss, who would be hosting me for two nights.  Time to say goodbye to my attorney.

<long tight squeeze to this dear friend>

Not five minutes after meeting the Blisses, David told me that I had the same look that Sasha did after visiting Katerina’s orphanage back in March.  Haunted.  Shell-shocked.

These two had not yet unpacked from a trip of their own, but they laid aside their own lives for almost two days to minister to me.

They gave me an accepting and undemanding place to decompress.  They let me talk.  They let me sleep.  They fed me very well, indeed.  They took me about Sofia.  They patiently answered my many questions.

Late on Sunday morning, they drove me to my attorney’s house to pick up a vital document I needed to bring back to the States with me.  They saw me safely through the airport up to security.  Friends, may God bless you as freely as you have blessed me.

I will spare my kind readers the more harrowing details of my journey home.  Suffice it to say that between having too short a stopover in London, thereby leaving me no time to pump between the beginning and end of my journey, a bout with a severe stomach bug that lasted most of my trip home, and having old-fashioned suitcases that weighed about thirty-five pounds each and had to be carried in addition to my carry-on and handbag, I rejoiced to be home.

Not that I needed extra reasons to be glad for that.

P.S.  Just as I was ready to hit the publish button on this post, I heard an email come in.  Brian and Stephanie Carpenter recently found out that because of a Philippine law putting two years between each adoption, they may not be able to proceed to adopt a fourth little girl with cerebral palsy until the spring of 2013.  They brought little Tin Tin, or Avi, home five months ago and had already started the paperwork for April Joy.  Little April Joy is not getting the love and care and nourishment she needs.  We are praying that God would move the governing officials to waive that two-year waiting period for the Carpenters so April Joy can come home more quickly to their loving arms!

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7 Responses to “All the way home”

  1. Heather McFarland says:

    I will not stop praying.  Lay down and rest.  Thank you for making me more aware.  God knows the desires of our hearts and he longs to fulfill these desires.  May He fulfill the desire of His people to meet the needs of these children.  I pray for continued protection for your attorney and the children.  May Jesus himself wrap his loving arms around them all.  May He open blind eyes to see and use this to draw His people near and draw others onto Himself. 

  2. Jillian says:

    Praying as you provide us with information. Lifting up your attorney, April Joy and the Carpenters, the other children whose parents did not sign their rights over, for Katerina, and your family.

  3. Susan says:

    So glad you’re safely home, and hoping you’re resting, both physically and emotionally and in every other way. Thank you again for all you and those dear souls you encountered have done and are continuing to do to bring awareness to so many, and to begin to turn the wheels of change for the good.

    Praying that those wheels will turn ever more rapidly in the days to come… 

  4. Always, always praying.
    Today is our MN immigration visit and our Homestudy first visit for the next 3. We have been too sick to even clean up.
    Pray our social worker looks beyond the clutter. :o)

  5. Dad says:

    We are so glad you are safely home. We followed your journey of mercy with joy, tears, prayers and intensifying interest. May God deliver little Katie into your hands and allow her to be nurtured by your family…soon.

  6. Marilyn Osborn says:

    So glad you are home safely….REST!!!!!!!!!

  7. Joy says:

    Oh, Susanna!!! I feel drained just HEARING all you’re going through!!  Prayers for REST for you, dear friend. May He renew you quickly so you can be about His incredible work! 

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