Time warp travel itinerary

July 27th, 2011

As requested, my travel itinerary!

Dropped off at the Philadelphia airport by a kind friend three hours before my flight, Friday, August 12th.

Fly out of Philly airport at suppertime.

Seven hours later, stop in London Heathrow first thing in the morning on Saturday, August 12th.

After a two-hour break, fly out of London Heathrow.

Three hours later, arrive in Sofia Vrazhdebna, Bulgaria in the early afternoon of Saturday, August 12th into Toni’s open arms.

Stay in a hotel in Sofia Saturday night.  This hotel has internet.  But…sleep…

Drive to Katerina’s region on Sunday.  This hotel also has internet.  I will do my very, very best to blog when I am able, before I forget details.  I’m not sure yet whether I’m allowed to post pictures from this trip online before the adoption is finalized.

Visit Katerina for at least two hours each morning and two hours each afternoon from Monday to Thursday, and I cannot dwell on this part, because it chokes me up to think even this much about it.  

I am praying for an opportunity to converse at length with the director of her orphanage!  Also praying for permission to hold and photograph the six children there who are being adopted by four other families!

One last visit with my baby on Friday morning, then drive back to Sofia Friday afternoon.

At this point, the Bliss family plucks me out from underneath mama duck’s wings and takes me to their house (also in Sofia) to spend Friday night until late Sunday morning, August 21st.

Fly out of Sofia Vrazhdebna, Bulgaria in the afternoon, three hours after arriving at the airport.

Three hours and twenty minutes later, stop in London Heathrow in the mid-afternoon.

After a one-and-a-half hour break, fly out of London Heathrow in the late afternoon.

Eight hours and ten minutes later, arrive in Philly just after eight o’clock pm on Sunday, August 21st, into the waiting arms of my husband.

To sum up the time warp for you~

~Leaving the US, flying ten hours, arriving in Bulgaria seventeen hours later.
~Staying in Bulgaria long enough to adjust, heh, heh.
~Leaving Bulgaria, flying eleven hours, arriving back in the US six hours later.  Just about at bedtime, as a matter of fact.

P.S.  Verity-news!  It’s on its way! 

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8 Responses to “Time warp travel itinerary”

  1. Anna T says:

    YEA!!  Please forgive me if these are all things that you already know, take a copy of your passport and place it somewhere else in your luggage.  Update the local address in your passport in pencil when you are going different places.  En route on the plane, drink lots of water and walk around about every 2 hours (unless you’re able to sleep a bit, sleeping on the plane is recommended).  When you arrive, **try** to acclimate to the time zone as quickly as possible and get out into the sun to “re-set” your time clock.  For better, or, worse, it’s usually harder getting adjusted to the local time when going East to West then West to East (so easier time going to [Katie’s country], harder time after you arrive home).  Yes, please remember to eat my friend, you’ll need your energy and need to stay healthy!!  Praying for you!! 

  2. Susanna says:

    No, some of this is new, and I’m adding it to my list, Anna! Thank you so much, and thank you, too, for praying!

  3. Ilisa says:

    Wow, wow wow wow!  Prayers prayers!  You are going to come back a new woman!

  4. Felicity says:

    It’s just so exciting!  Two weeks!!

  5. YIPPEE!!!!  Praying, praying, praying!

  6. Ginger says:

    Love this post! So exciting!!!
    So sweet of Anna to share such great wisdom. I gotta share those tips w/ my sister who’s traveling back to Russia next month! 

  7. Tonya B. says:

    Thank you for sharing your blog. I would love to hear tips on traveling to  Sofia Bulgaria as a single person and if you adopted from Vesta or FNA?

  8. Susanna says:

    Tonya, have you seen this post yet? http://theblessingofverity.com/2011/08/traveling-to-bulgaria/

    We did not adopt through Vesta or FNA. We went through Toni Vladimirova and the Dreams Foundation. Toni is WONDERFUL.

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