Praying with fresh boldness!

July 12th, 2011

Recently, one of you asked me what kind of person Toni is.  I think I will let her speak for herself.  Since she is seven hours ahead, when I am hoping to hear from her, I always check our email first thing after I wake up!

What joy to find this message from her this morning!


“My dear Susanna,

First of all, I want to apologize and ask for forgiveness for my long silence. It has never had happened before and I am feeling like I failed my adoptive parents. But, believe me, I have been having the most difficult ten days recently. I know you don’t need all the details I am going to give you because they don’t concern your adoption but maybe they would give you a glimpse in my insane spinning lately and understanding about why I wasn’t able to be in touch.

[…a long recounting that included serious illness related to her condition of paraplegia, two in-country trips with adoptive families in spite of the illness, and crazy schedules involving court appointments and the demands that she be in several places at once in order to accomplish everything…enough to convince me that the enemy did not want the adoptions of seven children to go through this week before the court vacation…he lost and God won…]

Finally – about your dossier. Believe me, there has been not a second it had been left without attention and processing. It has been [finished being] translated for a long time and the delay is not because of me or any of my assistants. The whole problem is that it is a summer time here and government offices are short-staffed and everything takes longer. The dossier [should have been] ready from authentication already but that office runs with a lot of delays too and your docs will be ready this Friday. They will be photocopied and processed the same day and next Monday it would be filed with the MOJ. My real hope is that on Friday, 22, you will get your verbal referral. BUT! It is just my hope and I have no certainty the MOJ would meet. There’s no way for me to find out.

Also, another thing is that yes, the MOJ prioritizes and rushes and expedites special needs cases of children who are in critical condition like Veronika. So I am hopeful they will be fast with your adoption too. I will do everything in my power to expedite it too.

Last, but not least, you should NEVER feel bad that you asked me questions or were too concerned, or were too pushy, or whatever. You are a mom and moms are allowed to be tigers for their cubs :) Please, tell Joe he shouldn’t be worried and both of you please know you don’t have to apologize to me for anything!


Yes, the evil enemy hates what we all do and he tries hard to fight us.  But we are stronger because if God is for us who can be against us? :)”


So that is our Toni!  Is it any wonder that the families who adopt through her love and admire her?  For any attorney, this kind of passionate work would be remarkable, but for a female attorney who is wheelchair-bound, with related health issues, in a NON-disability-friendly country like Bulgaria, it is truly extraordinary.

So now we have a renewed confidence in praying for a speedy process!

Thank the Lord for His mercy!


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  1. sabrina says:

    Thank you for that little glimpse of your attorney. We are praying to be able to work with her someday too!

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