Here a list, there a list…

July 27th, 2011

Everywhere I look!  LISTS!

So.  Traveling alone to Bulgaria.

Am I excited?  YES!

Am I nervous about traveling alone?  My sole concern is that I, directionally-challenged as I am, actually end up in Bulgaria.  Other than that–no fears at all!  I intend to enjoy this adventure!

But there are so many helpful people walking me carefully through every minute detail of this part of the journey that I almost feel as if I have already done it.

Have I ever mentioned here that Toni has a Yahoo group for families who have adopted or who are adopting through her?   Since Bulgaria allows only one parent to travel, many of the other families have taken advantage of that and sent only one parent.  These families have so much experienced advice to pass on!  What a rich resource!

My travel agent has been a wonderful help so far–just jumped right in with both feet and got to work.  I instructed her to make a travel plan with the most simple logistics possible, since this will be my first time to travel outside the US, and I’m going solo.  My itinerary has me stopping at Heathrow airport in London on both the trip out and the trip back, and each time for a couple of hours.  So I should have plenty of time to figure out where I need to be, with the help of English-speaking people if necessary.

And then there is Toni!

“Don’t worry, I will be holding your hand all the time you are here.  I am mama duck to my families so you will be my baby-duck :)!”

I will be clinging closely to my mama duck, believe me!

We were able to get a relatively low rate because I was willing to fly home on Sunday, the 21st rather than Saturday, the 20th.  My ticket was $1216 rather than $1860.  The Blisses have kindly offered their home for another day to enable us to save that $644.  We are having fun counting up how much money we are saving by having me go alone, having the Blisses host me instead of staying in a hotel, and staying an extra day to get the lower airfare!  I am having so much fun that Joe is worried that I will take thrift too far and not eat enough during the week, in order to save even more!

Sometime I want to post a…LIST…of travel tips that I’m collecting, and a…LIST…of specific prayer requests, but right now I’m heading out the door to take Verity to her pediatric ophthalmologist appointment in Hershey…

…but I have her big update post almost finished…just waiting for today’s report…

…and I cannot go without adding a huge, giant THANK YOU to every one of you who is making our joy all the greater by celebrating with us!  Thank you, friends!!

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9 Responses to “Here a list, there a list…”

  1. sabrina says:

    How fun! I am so excited for you!
    I love your attorney’s mama duck comment!
    Will you be able to take pictures and post while you’re there?

  2. Yipppee!  I knew that we were kindred spirits when you told me “If it isn’t on a list, it doesn’t exist to me!”  Praying for your trip and your family that is staying here stateside…  KATIE!!! Your mama is coming!!!!! Hang on!

  3. Kendra says:

    So excited with you….praying for all the details and safety for all of you (away and home)

  4. Aunt Carol says:

    I am so excited to see how the Lord has been and is working everything out for you.

  5. Kristi says:

    Wooohooo, so excited for you!!! When will you be able to know the travel dates? And will you be able to share pictures/video with us when you get back????

  6. Susanna says:

    Peachie, “If it ain’t written down, it don’t exist!” 8-)

  7. Anna T says:

    One thing to add to your list if it isn’t on already, how to say, “Excuse me please, do you speak English?” (in that language).  In my limited travel oversees this has been very, very helpful and (usually) the younger adults speak English and are happy to “try it out” on a native speaker.  It’s also helpful to have a few words/phrases in the native tongue…  Praying for you!!  Enjoy this awesome adventure and getting to meet your daughter — yea!! 

  8. Susanna says:

    That is a great idea, Anna! I will check that out! Thank you!

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