Her times are in His hands

July 19th, 2011

Toni shot us an email early this morning to say that our family’s dossier is now with Bulgaria’s Ministry of Justice!

As we put our dossier together for them, we were constantly aware that they are likely to wonder why a family with ten children wants to adopt another one, let alone one in Katerina’s condition.  Remember why little ones with special needs are put into orphanages in Eastern Europe?

So we tried to address possible objections before the MOJ had a chance to raise them.

Would you like to read a tiny slice of the large amount of detailed information that they will read about our family?

“Joe and Susanna were both reared in stable, loving families in Lancaster County, PA, where they currently reside.  Lancaster County, PA is prosperous and well-known for its strong family values and solid work ethic, as well as for its fertile farmland.  Joe was one of three children.  Susanna was one of nine children, and was prepared very well for her life work of mothering.  They live on more than three beautiful acres in the country, in the homey house that used to belong to Joe’s grandmother, near his parents as well as his uncle and aunt and several other friendly neighbors.  They think their property is perfectly suited to rear many children!  Joe has received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and after sixteen years of pastoring, has been an equal partner with his father in the well-established family carpentry business for two years.  He is gifted in this business.  Joe and Susanna have been married for eighteen years now, since January 16, 1993, and are enjoying doing exactly what they always wanted to do–welcome many children into their family.  They love children, and see it as their life calling to care for each one God sends.  They have ten children, the youngest of whom has Down syndrome.  Their child with Down syndrome needed a lot of special care when she was a newborn, so Susanna has experience with those needs.  This child is now radiantly healthy. Their family lives a quiet and happy life that is well suited to nurture the individual strengths of each child, whatever his or her abilities might be.  Their household is not chaotic.  They love doing things together as a family, the outdoors, books, music, singing together, and getting together with good friends.  Many of their children are academically and otherwise gifted.  Their family has learned how to function together well as a team, and the older children and younger children are very much attached to one another.  There are enough hands to make short and enjoyable work of necessary tasks, and there is always someone to be a companion for play or conversation.  They enjoy excellent relationships with many valued friends and family.  Their whole family, along with their friends and relatives, love Veronika already, and are eager to welcome her!”

So here we are again!  Waiting, hoping, praying, trusting!

Toni is hoping that we will receive our verbal referral this week.  At the same time, we are mindful of her earlier note which stated that it could be delayed until after September first.

Dear Lord Jesus, You know us better than we know ourselves.  You know how hard it is for us to wait, especially me.  Help us keep our hope in You.  Thank You for the confidence we can have that Katie’s times are in Your hands and not in the MOJ’s hands.  You are good, and all You do is good and right.  We trust in You.  Amen.



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5 Responses to “Her times are in His hands”

  1. Praying here too!  ((hugs))

  2. Kim says:

    I have a quick question for you. I don’t know if we will ever be in your shoes, but I would like that very much. But, I have been wondering if it would be much easier, emotionally, if we were to save the money to adopt before picking a child so that there wouldn’t be such an amazing pull there already. I have read of families not getting there in time, or someone else was already promised that child…I guess I am wondering if my heart would be more guarded if I could just have the money, show up with it in hand, and pick the child the Lord would want for us at that point. Who knows if this is all even possible…it’s a lot of money for us and my husband has not been pouring over the several adoption blogs I have and gotten bitten by this adoption plug personally.
    Does this make  any sense? 

  3. Susanna says:

    Kim, these are very good questions, and there are very good answers to them. Joe and I were in the middle of discussing this very subject right before we read your comment. It may take some time, but a post addressing your questions is now in the works. :)

  4. cindy says:

    we’re praying

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