Only God!

June 18th, 2011

This week my heart overflowed with joy when I read about three little ones with special needs who are being adopted into one family.

Only God!

And rejoiced some more to read how well one little girl with Down syndrome is settling into her new family.

Only God!

Did you know we’ve been praying for months for a little girl named Daisey, who is at the same orphanage where Katerina is?  We’ve been praying that God would provide a family for her.  God answered our prayers by sending a family to love and adopt her!

Only our God!

Did you know that countless children have been adopted simply because God’s people did not close up their hearts when He called them to pray, to spread the word, to give, to take the next step toward adoption, whatever He asked of them.  Many of you know how this works because you have been part of Team Katerina!  Some of you have helped with many other adoptions!

Did you know that some folks had been faithfully praying that the Lord would send a family to Katerina long before we ever heard of her?  One family was powerfully drawn to her last year when she briefly appeared on the Reece’s Rainbow site as “Nika.”  Even when she disappeared again shortly afterward, they continued to pray for her, and their little boy sold eggs and saved the money for “Nika.”  Just recently, after about ten months of faithful, fervent prayer for her they were overjoyed to “accidentally” discover this blog and see how God had been answering their prayers!

Stephanie Carpenter told us this week about another precious little girl on Lifeline’s list of waiting children who needs a family to step forward quickly.  We will call her Sarah; she has been waiting for her family for five years.  She has general developmental delays that are not caused by Down syndrome.  The orphanage report states that her caregivers believe that she will progress very well if she could only have a family to care for her.  The heartbreaking reality for Sarah is that a family was in process to adopt her, and they are no longer proceeding.

Stephanie will only have her file for a very short time, and then it will have to be sent back.  Would you pray with us, and if you are able, spread the word?  If anyone wants further information, please ask me for Stephanie’s email address, and I will gladly give it to you.

How often He uses our obedience to accomplish His work.  Because of this, when I hear that God is opening someone’s heart toward orphans, I only have one bit of counsel for them…

Keep your “yes” receptors open to God and make sure that if anyone says “no,” and closes the door, it is God and not you.

We will be praying and trusting Him to move on behalf of this precious little girl Sarah, because…

…our merciful and good and powerful God is her only hope.

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  1. Susanna says:

    Tami, that part is ALL from Stephanie Carpenter; she is an absolutely fabulous adoption midwife!

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