Yard sale: day one total

May 6th, 2011

Counting the $250 check a friend (and adoptive family) gave us for a $4 purchase…!


If you were here to see what we started out with, and how little we were charging, you would be as amazed as we are!  We priced our yard sale unto others as we would have others price yard sales unto us!

We still have about two-thirds of the books, a small number of miscellaneous items, and a very large amount of clothing left to sell at half price tomorrow.

[Local friends, this means coats for a dollar each, all other clothing and shoes fifty cents each or make an offer, hardcover books fifty cents each, and paperback and children’s books twenty-five cents each.  Everything else is half off the sticker price until noon, when you can fill a bag for a dollar until three o’clock!  We don’t want to have anything left!  And there are yummy cookies, pumpkin and chocolate whoopie pies, and rice krispie treats still available!]

Until tomorrow…a big thank you to everyone who prayed for God to bless this yard sale…including my friend who came to help most of the day and prayed the people in!

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3 Responses to “Yard sale: day one total”

  1. Kendra says:

    Hallelujah!  Thank you Father!  Money like water….and a little sweat and hard work on your families part with the strength He provided!  That is great news!

  2. sabrina says:

    Praise God! He is just so AWESOME!!

  3. patti says:

    Hey friend, did you see my all call on today’s post?
    Congrats on the yard sale!! And thanks for messaging me about those questions:)

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