While we’re waiting…

May 25th, 2011

One minute after nine o’clock Missouri time, I called and left a voice mail with our USCIS officer.

Called again at mid-day, got her voice mail box and decided not to leave another message.

Called again right away to talk to a different (real) person, and got a real person.  She was friendly and helpful and told me that even though she wasn’t our officer, she was able to give me general information about our application.

Information such as…whether it had been approved.

Oh, oh oh!!!

The answer!!!

But I hardly had time to process this when she suddenly announced, “I’m going to have to get off the phone now; there’s a tornado warning!  You can call again later; I’m sorry, I have to get off the phone!”

Me:  “That’s fine, bye!”

<hangs up phone, throws back head, laughs hysterically>

“Okay, Lord, I’m not very good at waiting!  Obviously, I needed a little more practice today!”

And joined the children outdoors for lunch and some deep breaths of fresh air.

We are all loving…

Two whole months off school!


We may not be taking a family vacation this year…

…but that doesn’t stop the father and mother…

…from making many fine plans…

…all of which involve fun


…and time

…with all of us together


…who have been working very, very hard this past year…


…and need a Family Sabbatical!!!

P.S.  I called USCIS again after I tucked Verity and Stephen in for their naps.  I got M—— D—–, and she said she’d been handed a stack of other assignments that took precedence, but that our application is right on the top of her I800-A pile!

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6 Responses to “While we’re waiting…”

  1. Christine says:

    Today was very disconcerting.  Tornadoes threatened my entire family, in separate locations.  It is rare that we are all huddling in downstairs inner hallways at work.  It is funny to think that you were getting an object lesson in patience at the same time…

  2. Ginger says:

    You certainly do have many cute blessings to enjoy while you wait!

  3. Tami Swaim says:

    The picture of Verity with the very end of the stem of the leaf in her mouth is award winning shot!

  4. Marilyn Osborn says:

    Oh no!  So close!!!!!!!  Love the pictures!

  5. Anna T says:

    Praying for an answer soon!!  I LOVE the picture of Verity “exploring” the leaf — precious!!  Enjoy your summer break — yea!!

  6. Angela in MT says:

    PRAYING!!!!  Can’t wait to hear!!!

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