A yearning heart

May 1st, 2011

On Monday…

…Stephanie Carpenter handed me her precious Tin Tin-girl.   “Now you will be all the more eager to hold your little Katerina,” she stated, and I looked back into her eyes and couldn’t form the words to answer.

On Tuesday…

…I awoke from a vivid dream that put me right there, next to Katerina’s crib, in the lying room where she spends her days, her weeks, her years.  I leaned down to pick her up, cradled the light weight of her in my arms, and looked into her familiar face.

On Wednesday…

…my friend posted pictures of her new daughter Anya learning what “Daddy and Mommy” means.

On Thursday…

…a friend wrote, “If you haven’t seen already…I wanted you to know that ‘Daisey’ is on Reece’s Rainbow’s ‘My Family Found Me’ page!”

“Daisey” is the little girl in Katerina’s orphanage whom we have been praying for!  God has answered prayer by sending her a family!

On Friday…

…we read the story behind the $74 in small bills stuffed into a legal sized envelope, to help bring Katerina home.

My friend wrote,

“The two oldest boys each took a wagon along to [the fire company] sale.  Then they hung around the shrubs, trees, and flowers area and made themselves available to take loads to the cars/trucks as the people made their purchases and needed help, since their vehicles are often quite a ways off.  They didn’t charge anything, it was all donation.  [Our oldest daughter] made a little sign, telling what the money will go for, which may have helped.

They did this last year and sent the money to Haiti, since it was just after the earthquake, but I don’t think they even questioned where they wanted to send it this year, they just knew they wanted to give it for little Katerina.   Our hearts are yearning along with yours to see her safe in your home!”

At various times through the years, God has gently laid his hand over my mouth, prompting me to be still and wait to see what He will do.

At other times–like right now!–I hear Him urging, “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.  For everyone who asks, receives, and he who seeks, finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.”

We have been working, working, working on kitchen cabinets, yard sale, dossier, and other pressing duties.

More duties are coming with this new week.  Tomorrow we must have our dossier documents notarized, take them to be apostilled, meet Stephanie and hand our dossier over to her, put up yard sale signs…

But underneath the hustle and bustle, I hear Him urging me on, “[you] ought always to pray and not lose heart!”

“…always to pray and not lose heart!”

“…always to pray and not lose heart!”


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2 Responses to “A yearning heart”

  1. Kim Zim says:

    Sorry I wasn’t able to chat w/ you and Joe more today!  Slightly “distracted” w/ introducing our little celebrity :)  Eleven elementary classes that have prayed for and heard about little Tin Tin deserved to see her HOME in the United States as Mrs. Z. promised :)
    Sooo happy about the good news of the day!

  2. Yvonda says:

    Pray and not lose heart!  That is totally the word for today!  It is very encouraging to see how God is leading you along, step by step.  Can’t we also know that He is right with Katerina, also preparing, protecting and guiding her step by step?  He won’t miss any details….  Praying with you…

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