Secret treasure

April 25th, 2011

Question:  What do all the following have in common?

~She opens her mouth when she sees the spoon coming.  If she wants what’s on the spoon, that is.  Heh heh.

~When she is sitting and we tilt her to the side, she reaches down with her arm to catch herself.

~She uses her trunk muscles properly to help pull herself up to a sitting position.

~She can grasp small objects and easily pass them from hand to hand.

~She is strong and dexterous enough to hold her own bottle, although she still drinks it while snuggling!  She knows the word, “bottle.”

~She loves to be taken outside, and recognizes the word “outside.”  She loves to feel the wind, watch any animals that come within range of her vision, swing on the swing, feel all sorts of textures, taste edible plants.  She will experience more and get dirtier than our other girls did as babies.  Don’t worry, we will draw the line at letting her taste the dirt.

~She loves to be read to.

~She twinkles at us when we teach her new words.

~If I lean in close to her and ask her where my fuzzy hair is, she gets a mischievous look in her eye and reaches up with both hands to grab onto my hair.

~When she drops a toy and forgets about it, we say, “Uh, oh,” and she looks down to see where it went.

~She reaches up for us when we sign “Come,” and say, “Verity, come!”

~She turns her face to look down at her crib when we ask her, “Where is your bed, Verity?”

~When she begins to fight the bottle before she has had enough, I look her in the eyes and say firmly, “Verity, obey Mama.  It’s time to eat.  Say ‘Yes, Mama!  Yes!’”  And she looks back at me, softens her stubborn expression into a sweet one, and begins to drink again.  “Yes, Verity!  Good girl to obey Mama!” [Yes, I do like to see her spunkiness and ability to push the bottle away.  No, I am not overfeeding her.  More on stubbornness and behavioral issues in some future post.]

~Her congestion has completely cleared up!

~She has many things she wants to tell us. “Bababababamamamamamamadadadadadadadanananana.”

~She does specify “Mamamamama” when she wants me.  <satisfied sigh>

~Her heart, in the words of Dr. Chowdhury last Monday, “looks perfect.”  She smiled at the echocardiogram technician, took her two hands and pushed the transducer off her chest.  I think she didn’t like the cold gel.

What do all these have in common?  Any guesses??

Answer:  This is an incomplete list of what we don’t take for granted at our house.

You see, our house holds the secret treasure of the extra chromosome.  This treasure is a pair of eyeglasses with miraculous properties.  Where others may see extra delays, extra time, extra challenges, we see extra cause for celebration.

More celebration?  More appreciation?  Treasure indeed!


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9 Responses to “Secret treasure”

  1. Ginger says:

    I’m jealous. My 15 mo. old, who can say Mommy perfectly, never says it in my presence. Wah! :((
    LOVE, love, love that pic of her. What an angel!

  2. Joy says:

    Yes – I agree! She is a wonderful cause for celebration! That pic is so precious!!! And I love how early you start teaching obedience! (I’m always gleaning training tips from your posts, O Wise Susanna! ; )  )I canNOT wait to meet this little sweetheart!!

  3. Aunt Carol says:

    The Lord knew exactly what He was doing when he gave this precious little girl to you and Joe. She is absolutely adorable.

  4. cinny says:

    I, too, love that she obeys her mama.  I am looking forward to the stubbornness and behavioral issues post (my girl is already showing signs of stubbornness).

  5. Marilyn Osborn says:

    Love this post!  That picture is PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!

  6. greta says:

    she looks precious! :)

  7. Susanna says:

    Greta, do you recognize the dress??  :)  


  8. Yvonda says:

    I love hearing these things about Verity.  She is such a darling!  Before she was born, I always pictured her dressed in a little white dress with a bonnet like that.  She is so beautiful!

  9. Precious Verity sounds likes she is doing so well.  Praise the Lord!!
    Sorry, I’ve been absent, but you have not be far from my heart.

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