O LORD, may it be so

April 12th, 2011

Summer dropped by our place yesterday…


…bringing with it the sense of well-being you get when you’re a child living in the country, there is nothing on the agenda, and the weather is fine.

I know how they are feeling; I was given the gift of such a childhood.

Attic-scented short-sleeved shirts, open windows allowing warm breezes to blow through the house, extra diligence to finish the schoolwork quickly, lunch at the picnic table, bicycles out (and put away again?  hmmmm…), a spacious and shady front porch, time and companions for the porch swing, little boys with dirt, sticks, stones, and big Tonka trucks, older brothers and sisters to tramp about the woods with, who pass down their knowledge of which wild plants are edible, and which caterpillars will turn into cabbage butterflies…

…an opportunity to introduce our littlest girl to more of the pleasures of life in this family.

Continuing your education with Summer Sidewalk 101.

And my heart yearned to set Katerina next to her little sister on the sun-warmed sidewalk, and let her learn its rough surface,

the flavor of smooth, dusty, pastel-colored, sidewalk chalk,

(Mama?  Did you mean for me to taste this?)

the sound of birdsong, the busy chatter of her brothers all around her,

the look of blue sky patterned with tree branches, the smell of clean growing things in the soft breeze that ruffles her hair and smooths her cheeks,

the textures of those growing things on her fingers,

…her needs met, her heart resting secure in love.

How much does it cost to surround a child with this rich simplicity and security?

It costs mere pennies for a few pieces of sidewalk chalk.

It costs the pricelessness of life itself.

Yesterday I watched my children delight in one fresh summer day, deep in the safety of their own family.

And last night, I learned the story of The Boy from Baby House 10.  My heart was wrung as I watched, and for one reason only.  How many families live comfortably in the most prosperous nations on earth during one of the most prosperous eras?  So much trouble to find just one family willing to bring this one small boy home as a son?  Really?

Common sense says it should not be.

Here is Katerina, who has never known family life and love.  Here is the family who longs to care for her.  A man who hopes to be her Daddy.  A woman who desires to be her Mama.  Boys and girls who pray that she will be their sister.  So much money, so much red tape and paperwork, so much time?  So much trouble to allow just one family to bring this one small girl home as a daughter?  Really?

Common sense says it should not be.

I want to teach Katerina our family.  My heart longs to give her the gift of this life, this simple childhood, rich in the safe knowledge that she is wanted.  Such a gift can only come from one Source.  The Source who has the power to bring common sense out of craziness.

O sovereign LORD, may it be so.

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4 Responses to “O LORD, may it be so”

  1. alice says:

    yes, I know exactly what you mean, Susanna!

  2. Tami Swaim says:

    I watched all those videos too.  It looked so much like Poland…the buildings, workers in the institutions and the playground equipment.  Even the way the one child was being fed with an extra large spoon slurping up white goop while most dribbles down his chin.  So many sights (sounds and smells) that came to mind just be watching the video just so reminiscent of Poland…interesting….Oh boy, at times I long to rush back there to visit the Dom Dziecka and have special get togethers with moms and their special children!  Ugh!  My heart hurts! I do have a sister in Christ there who still meets with these moms and their children.  She is an American married to a Pole.  She even teaches on of the boys with autism English!  The mom wanted him to try.  We send over what we can when Mark takes his trips.  Heard a line in a song today that went like this:  concerning heaven “a place where no more orphans lie in need of parents”……

  3. Tami Swaim says:

    …just thought I’d distinguish between “Dom Dziecka” which is translated “Children’s Home” with my mention of moms and children with special needs.  They are two separate things.  The Dom Dziecka is the orphanage but there is another group in need and that’s the moms (sometimes alone because the dad couldn’t cope) and their special children.  The moms who have decided to keep their child.  The support for them is so little to non existent!

  4. Anna T says:

    O Susanna, so sad, but, I’m happy for the sweet boy and hope that this segment will encourage changes that must occur.  I pray for the “climate” in Russia and other countries to change as it has in our Nation in the last few years and for the children to be adopted by Christians if they’re currently in Baby Houses, etc… (my Great Aunt was told that she didn’t have to take her now 46 year old son with Ds “home”, she took him home to live with his family and I feel blessed to have “known” him my entire life at family reunions, etc…).  Our generation (I’m also 39) is one of the 1st generations where children with Ds in our country are brought “home”, PTL.  I was studying Zephaniah this evening and this verse spoke to me and even more now that I’ve watched this segment, Zephaniah 3:19 (emphasis added) “At that time I will deal with all who oppressed you; I will rescue the lame and gather those who have been scattered.  I will give them praise and honor in every land where they were put to shame.”

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