If you prayed…

April 9th, 2011

…for Verity last night, thank you!

Her appetite is slowly coming back and she is breathing more easily this morning!

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4 Responses to “If you prayed…”

  1. Shauna says:

    Thank God!  I was praying for her all night that she’d get better and not have to go to the yucky hospital!  I’m so glad she’s starting to feel better!

  2. Tami Swaim says:

    Great to hear!  If you want to run double vaporizers come pick them up!  We’re ten minutes down the road.  I have one cool mist and one warm mist vaporizer.  It might be good to have in her room for sleep?  I also have Menthol oil to use with it.  Ask doc first though if using the menthol would be okay (if interested).  Okay, well I’m home all day swing by if your interested in borrowing one or both.

  3. Joy says:

    Oh, that is wonderful news! (I wasn’t praying ’til today (Sat.) b/c I just got both of these updates together). Glad she’s on the mend. Will keep praying!

  4. I’m just catching up on blogs after a rough last week. Praying that Verity continues to get well! (((HUGS)))

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