April 27th, 2011


Will we be ready?  We’d better be ready!  We are now officially official!

[NAME OF TOWN, NAME OF ROAD near other road.]  Follow white signs.  Fri. 5/6 and Sat. 5/7, 8 am to 3 pm both days. Priced to sell. Books, clothing, baked goods.  Sat. noon to 3 pm fill a bag for $1.  Rain dates 5/13 and 5/14.

Notes to local friends:

If any of you know where we could borrow church tables and a suitable money box, we would be oh! so! grateful!

If you have offered items for the sale, including baked goods…

First–thank you!!

Second–we will be happy to pick up any items you donate if that would help you!



Remember the Bringing Home Our Katie-bird online auction?  There has been another delay, so we will be putting it off again.  We recently offered to lend a hand with the organizing, and will be sure to let you know when we have heard something!

If you are planning to donate any handmade item(s) for this auction…

First, thank you!!

Second, please email me at the address over there on the sidebar, and I will give you all the information I can about this auction!



Some years ago, a man named JT Olson sent out letters to his acquaintances, explaining that he would be playing golf in a fundraiser for a pro-life ministry.  One of his letters came back to him with a note from a good friend, “You know, JT, if you told me you were working on a widow’s house, I might sponsor you.  But you are just playing golf.  Sorry, but not my money.”

Five years later, the tiny seed that was planted in JT’s mind that day blossomed into a Both Hands fundraiser, a project that blessed a widow with free house repairs at the same time that it financially helped a family who was adopting four children from Moldova.  This was the “maiden voyage” of the Both Hands non-profit organization, a ministry that operates on faith and hard work.  Both Hands and Lifesong for Orphans eventually became ministry partners.

Merle and Kim Zimmerman and the college-age class in their church are enthusiastically moving ahead with plans for two Both Hands projects this summer, one in June and one in July!  Each project will help one widow and at least two orphans (one of whom is Katerina)!   JT is planning to fly here in May to meet with Merle and Kim and their class, and kick off this project, which is considered a big one!   We are impressed with the God-honoring ministry that Both Hands does, and we are eager to take part in it, probably in July!

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