Why a child with special needs?

March 11th, 2011

Did I tell you about the smell?

As I eagerly peruse the pictures our missionary friend captured of the orphanage and children, and watch the videos, it is as if I am there, seeing the faces, holding the tiny bodies, hearing the sounds, smelling the smells.

The odor.  She described it to me as overwhelming, and that is the edited version.

“Don’t you think you’re taking this too far?”

A friend (who with his family can not be more supportive) asked us this question with a twinkle in his eye and his tongue in cheek, wryly recognizing the fact that this task God is leading us to do looks…well…looks waaaaay out there, off the deep end, radical, risky, extreme.  Maybe even certifiable.

As we have completed the home study process, and are in a waiting phase, life is returning to normal.  “Normal life” has a way of making “radical life” look even crazier to human judgment.  But in reality, trusting God’s judgment is the most rational way to live.

All this is fresh in my mind as I read the following excerpt by Jill Inglin, a godly adoptive mother who started keeping an adoption blog, A Place for Peter, just three weeks ago.  In this excerpt, she eloquently describes what God showed her in order to overcome her initial fears at adopting a child with special needs, and fuel courage and faith in her heart.

“In my mind I saw an orphanage.  There were many beautiful children all lined up who could do all sorts of things.  There was a line of potential parents waving and oohing and ahhing over the children.

But off to the side sat a disgrace of a being.  She was filthy and her odor permeated the place and the orphanage workers shoved her in the corner, in the dark, so that she would not ruin the chances of the other children.

A Kingly man entered the building, everyone parted the way for Him for His presence was imposing.  All the children put on their best efforts to gain the man’s attention, but His gaze was set on just one child!  The little one in the corner.  The workers argued with the man and tried to restrain Him from getting to her, but He firmly moved them out of the way.

He held out his nail scarred hand to the little girl, she was too weak to grasp it.  As agony washed over her, the Prince said, ‘Do not weep, little one, the Kingdom of Heaven has come for you this day.’  Jesus swept up that despised one and saved her, gave her a new name and a new home!

I was adopted on the spot with all my special needs.  He didn’t see them, He just saw His child.  God said to me, ‘My child, go and do the same to my special ones.’

I got my answer.  I have never looked back.”

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6 Responses to “Why a child with special needs?”

  1. Danielle M. says:

    Isn’t that neat?  I love how Jill has portrayed adoption.  What a great God we serve that we have been chosen in our filth and raised up to be joint heirs.  Dead in our transgressions and sins.  Yet chosen. 
    I can’t wait to meet both Katerina and Peter. 

  2. Joy Horton says:

    **tears** Amen.

  3. So wonderful.  :)  HE is so good!
    I am going to make some time to read more from her blog, since we also have a little Peter, I am just so intrigued!

  4. Scott says:

    And my answer to your question is… why not?

  5. Stephanie says:

    **Sobbing, trying not to wake Brandon and Solomon** Amen!

  6. Maureen says:

    I am ‘with’ Scott on this one….my first thought too was “Why not??”

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