Two down, one to go

March 17th, 2011

For those of you who are interested in such things…

…we finally got some pictures of our humble downstairs bathroom after it was all fixed up.  This room was put in less than twenty years ago, to enable Joe’s grandmother to live on the first floor of this house. As the mother of a large family, I am so grateful for the luxury of a second full bathroom.

Through the kitchen door~

The floor of this bathroom is a through-way to a storage area, and therefore sees very heavy traffic.  When Joe took the old flooring off, he remarked that he had never before seen such paper-thin flooring, literally as thin as construction paper.  No wonder it was so damaged–it was designed to be used by one little old lady, not by a family of twelve.

We sincerely hope that the new water-efficient toilets were a wise move to help resolve the drain field issues we were beginning to have, before they become issues with our neighbors as well.

We were able to re-use many items, like this shelving from the upstairs bathroom~

Since this room has no windows, I tried to bring a little sunshine in.  The wall color is a mixture of leftover pale yellow paint from our old master bedroom and a pale pinkish-white shade called “Candlelight” that we found at the Habitat Re-Store.  The decorative touches are a la Goodwill.

Inspired by the thought of summertime and sunflowers…

Looking back toward the kitchen door.

This vanity was another gift from Merle and Kim.  Thank you again, you two!

We are waiting on God’s provision to begin the third phase of the home improvements we are making for the home study–that of replacing the kitchen cabinets.

We are working toward a yard sale for Mother’s Day weekend.  We haven’t had one of those for ten years, as we found that the proceeds didn’t justify the time and energy we expended.  But we’re planning this sale in hopes that God will multiply our loaves and fishes.  And I am eager to Get Rid of Stuff.

We are so thankful to the Lord, both for the time and skill He gave Joe to get these necessary tasks completed, and for His financial provision for all the expenses we’ve had while Joe was not earning income.  Thank You, Lord.

“The eyes of all look expectantly to You, for You give them their food in due season.”

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8 Responses to “Two down, one to go”

  1. Just to let you know I am praying.
    I am reading today in The Valley of Vision, pg 8, The Great God;
    When thou art present, evil cannot abide;
    In thy fellowship is fullness of joy,

    Beneath thy smile is peace of conscience,
    By thy side no fears disturb,
    no apprehensions banish rest of mind,
    With thee my heart shall bloom with fragrance;
    Make me meet, through repentance,

    for thine indwelling.
    Nothing exceeds thy power,

    Nothing is too great for thee to do,
    Nothing is too good for thee to give. 

    Infinite is thy might, boundless thy love,
    limitless thy grace, glorious thy saving name… 

    ….I will ask great things of a great God. 

    This is what I am praying for you today.  (((((((((((hugs))))))))))))

  2. Amy says:

    The bathroom looks GREAT!!  Best of luck to you with your yard sale!!

  3. Stephanie says:

    I love your new bathroom!  God is SO good!  Can’t wait to see the kitchen transformation!

  4. danielle M. says:

    This can be the Valley of Vision Fan Club! 
    Rebecca left you with a great spiritual note, I will leave you with a


    Can’t wait to see it in person, and the other one too.  I am tickled pink for you.  We do the paint mixing too.  My dad often gets the “oops” paints from Lowes to have on hand. 

  5. Sandie says:

    I love seeing the improvements!  I can’t wait to see the new kitchen cupboards, I know how badly you needed them. 
    Would you be interested in some items for your sale??
    (I need to make a trip to your back porch with clothing I promised you anyway.)

  6. Lisa says:

    A friend of mine had a huge yard sale to raise money for her terminally ill nephew’s medical expenses.  People from church and the community donated tons of stuff and helped with set up and clean up.  She also didn’t price anything but just let people pay what they thought the items were worth which simplified the sale a great deal and many people generously “rounded up” to donate to the cause.  Hope your sale goes well! 

  7. Susanna says:

    Rebecca, thank you.  That was exactly, perfectly right.  Thank you so much, dear friend, for ministering to me.

    Thank you for your very kind offer, Sandie!  It would be a wonderful blessing to have more items for the sale, AND it would be fun to see you again!  (If you come over tonight, you might see Danielle, too!)

    Lisa, thank you for that good suggestion!  We had been considering not pricing things, but weren’t sure if it would work “for real,” so it is such a help to hear that it did for someone else.  We wondered if people would feel awkward with no pricing, and rather have some idea of what things are worth, but it sounds like that wasn’t an issue.  Thank you!  :)

  8. Marilyn Osborn says:

    It looks so nice!  Praise the Lord!

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