Just the facts, ma’am!

March 5th, 2011

NOTE:  We are officially set up with Lifesong for Orphans now!  What a blessing they have been to us already!

We have their donate button on our sidebar, but before you use it, we are required to publish a fundraising letter to explain Lifesong’s guidelines.  Please look for that letter coming up soon!


Okay friends, you may need to hold on to your hats for this one!

When you are finished reading it, you will essentially know all that we know about what God is doing to send help to Katerina’s orphanage.  This post is crammed full of small details, but the larger reality of what God is unfolding here is truly remarkable to us.  I hope that this reality is not obscured by the multitude of facts surrounding it!

[I also feel obliged to apologize ahead of time for all the talk about money.  I fervently wish there was a way to get around it, but it is vital information for all who want to give, and such a time-saver for me to write it out here once, rather than over and over again to individuals.  So thank you, friends, for bearing with us!]

I have told you a little about about the missionary couple in Katie’s country who is willing to get nutritional help to her orphanage.  We are eager to meet them in person, as they have invited us to stay with them during the time we spend in the capital city!

The wifely half of this couple, S****, was hoping to go to Katerina’s orphanage on Wednesday or Thursday next week, after receiving the three packets of nutritional supplement that are being sent there from a friend here in the United States.  But there was a glitch in sending those packets out, and now they can’t be mailed until Monday.  Which means that they cannot get to S**** before next Friday at the earliest.  So we’re waiting to hear from our attorney as to whether they can be mailed directly to the orphanage, or if S**** should wait for them to reach her before taking this trip.

We have been watching money flow in to buy food for the orphanage!  To see the running total of this fund, you can check the bottom of the “Our adoption finances” post, via the link on the sidebar.  At this point, we also know of a $25 and a $75 gift, as well as two gifts of unknown amounts, that have been promised or are on their way!  This will send the total up over $1000!  Thank you to each of you who has been moved to give to this specific need!  We are marveling at what God is doing!!

We found out that we are able to Paypal the money to our missionary friends for a very low fee, in contrast to the high cost of wiring it.  So we are planning to send them the total amount on Sunday night our time, which is Monday morning their time, as they are seven hours ahead of us.  They cannot withdraw more than $500 per day, so this will allow them several days to make withdrawals by Wednesday, the earliest possible day S**** might make the trip to the orphanage.

If you were hoping to give money for this initial purchase of food, and you are not local friends, the best way to add it by tomorrow night is to use Paypal.  We will give you our Paypal account information if you ask for it.

Important note! We have learned that if you use Paypal to give in any other way than as a gift from person to person from one bank account to the other, Paypal will withdraw a percentage of it as a transaction fee.  They treat a debit card the same as a credit card, and will withdraw a fee if you give using a debit card.

If you want the gift to go to the food fund, please make that clear in the space Paypal provides for a personal note, or we will assume that it is intended for our general adoption fund!

I hope I am making the details clear, and not more confusing!

We are hoping and planning to keep help flowing in to the orphanage as God keeps providing people and funds, so if you would rather mail a check, it will simply wait for a future trip.


S****’s trip!

This trip will be an all-day project for her, since the orphanage is several hours away from her home in the capital city.  As I explained earlier, the plan is for her to buy the needed food from shops right in Katerina’s town, accompanied by an orphanage worker.  The list of foods that are needed are jarred baby fruits, vegetables, and meats, as well as baby cereals and formula.  We are very curious to find out how far the funds will stretch!  Our children have become excited about helping Katerina and the other children in this tangible way!

S**** wrote to us that two other missionary ladies want to accompany her on this trip, one of whom is an occupational therapist who hopes to assess Katerina!  We are praying that God will make it possible for them to see Katerina while they are there! I get teary-eyed when I contemplate that they may actually get to see our little girl in person!  Maybe they will be allowed to take pictures!  Maybe even touch and hold her!!  We are praying!!!

There are two more facets of the story we are excited to tell you about!

On our refrigerator are two photos, both of little girls with Down syndrome.  Yes, one of them is our Katerina, but no, the other one is not Verity!  The second photo is of a little three-year-old girl who is listed on Reece’s Rainbow as Daisey. Stephanie asked her adoptive families to choose one additional child from Lifeline’s waiting children list to pray for.  This little girl caught my eye because she is in the same orphanage as Katerina, so we may get to see her someday!  We have been praying that God would provide a family for her!

I also want to introduce to you a dear woman in her fifties who attracted me by how she always signs her name…


Elizabeth and her husband Tom have committed to adopting three little boys, Noah, Moses, and Jacob, who all have Down syndrome, and who are also in the same orphanage as Katerina.  Yes, adopting three boys, and all at once!  But not until they have completed their current adoption of two little boys, Julius and Paul, who both have Down syndrome, from a different location.  It may be 2012 until Tom and Elizabeth can bring Noah, Moses, and Jacob home.  We are rejoicing together at how God has opened up this way to help feed them while they are waiting for their family!

This brother and sister in Christ are uniquely suited to caring for these precious little ones, and joyfully anticipate the privilege of spending the rest of their lives doing just that. Her husband Tom just left this morning for his first visit to Julius and Paul!

That’s up-to-the-minute information, friends!  I am learning the hard way that the longer I put off writing updates, the weightier they become!  Bless you for persevering to the end of this one!


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3 Responses to “Just the facts, ma’am!”

  1. Stephanie Blanchard says:

    Exciting news!  I’m praying for an amazing amount of food to be purchased with the funds.  I’m thinking five loaves and two fish big.  :D  Daisey is adorable.  I see she is rocking the same hair do that my Solomon is rocking.  All to the front. 

  2. Elizabeth says:

    This is so exciting! Thank YOU!! for figuring a way to help feed our boys, your Katerina and the other hungry children at the orphanage!!

  3. Susanna says:

    Elizabeth, I really can’t take credit for anything but asking Toni! Stephanie Carpenter was the one who put the idea into my head (she and Brian have been sending $$ to feed their child in the orphanage for 2 yrs.), Toni was willing to call the orphanage director, and God sent the willing Blisses and keeps opening up every other door!!

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