The bathroom God chose for us.

February 11th, 2011

More than ten years ago, we were looking forward to Joe’s grandmother’s estate auction.  We would be bidding on the property we both agreed was ideal for rearing our growing family.  We determined not to allow our hearts to become set on it, though.

We did not want it unless God chose it for us.

I will never forget the moment the auctioneer looked down at us, and said, “Sold!”  We were overjoyed!!!

We had just moved in when we heard a sermon.

The preacher told the story of a motorcycle he had coveted for years, and how he had planned and worked and saved to be able to get it for himself.

And when the day came that he finally obtained the motorcycle that his heart so craved, he felt it as an empty thing.  It wasn’t enough to fill that “God-sized hole” inside to which modern evangelicals so often refer.

Moral of the story:  Things can not make us happy.

That is not the whole story, I thought, as I sat there in fresh, full-hearted gratitude for the gift of our dream property.  (Gratitude that has not subsided, more than ten years later.)

Things can not make us happy if we set our hearts on them.

We have set our hearts to want what God chooses for us.

We did not set our hearts on having a lovely bathroom.

God gave it to us, anyway.

This bathroom gives us great pleasure.

Merle and Kim, you have not offered to the Lord your God that which cost you nothing.  Thank you for this beautiful room.

P.S.  Twist to this story~

The curtains and all the cast iron accessories in this room had been waiting up in our attic for five years.  We planned to overhaul the bathroom then, but God wanted to give us twins instead!  And then a Stephen!  And then a Verity!  And all along, our kind heavenly Father knew that He had this good gift up His sleeve for us, too.

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7 Responses to “The bathroom God chose for us.”

  1. danielle M. says:

    Oh I am so glad it is done, and it is simply gorgeous!!! Everything looks so fresh and clean and pretty.  Makes me want to go clean my bathrooms right now.  At least the powder room :)
    Isn’t God so good?  That new tub is begging you to take a nice bubble bath!

  2. Jennifer (JenK) says:

    Just beautiful!  It is such a blessing to watch you walk this path God is taking you on.

  3. Angiedawn says:

    It is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! I LOVE it!

  4. Joy Horton says:

    Beautiful!!! So fresh & crisp & clean! God gives the BEST gifts at the PERFECT time! Rejoicing w/ you!!

  5. alice says:

    love the bathroom, love even more how God is moving in your adoption! :-) Alice

  6. Stephanie Blanchard says:

    Love it!  :)

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