Q & A at February’s end

February 28th, 2011

Q:  Have you heard from your attorney about her call to the director of Katerina’s orphanage?

A:  Straight from dear T*** herself~

“I am so sorry I still don’t have news for you!!! I have been trying and trying to get in touch with the orphanage director. My calls would either not be picked up or someone else would answer and I would leave a message. I will keep trying tomorrow. It kind of gets me discouraged but I know it is the enemy. I am on an adoption trip right now so my time to call is limited but despite that, I will keep trying, I promise! Will let you know as soon as I hear something. Please, pray!”

Q:  When will you apply for USCIS approval?

A:  Over the past few days, Joe and I each completed our online education requirement (ten hours, eight of which must be completed separately), and sent our certificates in to Lifeline.  Right now, we are waiting and praying as our home study is reviewed by a Lifeline supervisor.

Once we hear from her that our information is Hague-compliant, we will be able to collect and organize everything we must submit with our application.  And step off the lifeboat.  I mean mail it in to the USCIS.  Dad reminded me yesterday that it may feel to us like we are walking on nothing but water, but in reality, God is right there under us, bearing us up.  And that, my friends, is what I am choosing to meditate on.  I refuse to lay eyes on the waves.

Q:   Is God providing for your immediate expenses?

A:  Above all that we could ask or think!  Another $60 has unexpectedly come in via Linsey’s fundraiser!  Then in addition to the $500 that was sacrificially given by the family who had already given $500, another family gave $255, an online friend gave $200, and another large family sent $2000!  I cannot describe to you what it is like to be right here watching God do miracles!  Just sending thank you notes does not seem like enough!

I reached the limits of my accounting abilities recently while attempting to send our adoption financial information to Lifesong for Orphans.  It doesn’t have to get very complicated before it goes completely over my head!  Joe thrives on it, however, and he has taken over that side of things.  He plans to update “Our Adoption Finances” as we actually receive the physical checks in the mail.  At this point, we have received all but the $2000, so the finances post now reflects that.

Q:  Have you heard from Lifesong about tax deductible giving?

A:  YES!!!  They called us today to say that they have approved us for fundraising support!!!  That means that others will be able to give through them, and receive tax deductions!  This is such an answer to prayer, and it came so quickly!  Every person at Lifesong we have dealt with so far has been a true blessing!  We are thanking the Lord!

The lady who called to give us the good news said that we have also been approved to receive a $4000 interest-free loan that is just for those adopting a child with Down syndrome, to be paid back with adoption tax credit funds.  While we appreciated the kindness behind this offer, I explained to her our prior commitment not to borrow money, and reiterated what an answer to prayer just that fundraising support is!  She fully understood, and without being asked, she volunteered to check on the availability of funds for a matching grant!  We will let you know if God provides that way as well!

Q:  Why is it taking so long to finish the downstairs bathroom?

A:  With the good weather we’ve had here toward the end of February, Joe and his dad were able to put in some work for the carpentry business.  We are so grateful for precisely the right amount of break at precisely the right time to get the most vital parts of the house projects finished!  Very soon the weather will allow them to get back to their usual full work schedule.

Today Joe is home, and he finished all the work on the vent system.  We are grateful to have use of the second toilet and shower while we are waiting for the sink and faucet to be installed!

Q:  Did you notice that you missed Verity’s 8 month update?  When will you post another video?

A:  Yes indeedy, a Verity update is in the works, complete with pictures and a short video!  The reason I don’t put many videos up is that the process whereby it gets from the camera to this screen is lengthy, depends on Joseph’s available time, and causes our internet to slow to a crawl for hours.  Joseph set the upcoming clip to process overnight when we wouldn’t be using the internet, and in the morning he discovered that the process had failed, and had to be started over again!

We recently found out that using cable for our internet will save us money while it speeds things up, so we’re making that switch.

And here’s one picture of our little muffin ahead of her next update~

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2 Responses to “Q & A at February’s end”

  1. Anna T says:

    Hi Susanna and Joe!!  Please know that I pray for you whenever God frequently brings you to mind.  I LOVE the picture of Verity sitting up and looking at the book, what a big and alert girl!!  Please share when you’re able how to give through Lifesong and have it be tax deductible…  ((Hugs)) and love!!  Anna

  2. Elizabeth says:

    ooooh! I could just kiss and sniff that fuzzy little head! She is so precious!! :o) I can’t wait to see more photos!

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