Q & A: Adoption details III

February 17th, 2011

Q:  What we really want to know is when you will be able to travel to pick up your Katerina!

A:  Stephanie has told us that mid- to late May is the earliest we should expect to take our first trip.  The first trip is for us to meet our girlie, and the second trip is for us to complete the final requirements and bring her home.

To our dismay, we recently learned that there can be from three to five months between the two trips!  We’d been under the impression that it would be weeks, not months!

So the longest reasonable timeline would have us taking our first trip in June and bringing her home in November.

The shortest reasonable timeline we’ve heard so far would have us taking our first trip at the end of May and bringing her home in the beginning of September.

Anything faster would take a miracle, but we are being bold to ask God for a miracle.

Q:  Any details about the plan to get nutrition to her before you bring her home?

A:  It looks like there may be a way opening up for us to send nutrition to her via some missionaries who are stationed in that region.  Toni enthusiastically agreed to do all she could to help, including contacting the director of Katerina’s orphanage!  We will be praying for God to go before her and open hearts that need to be opened.  He can do that!

And we were touched and thrilled and thankful to hear from one of you who intends to give toward that endeavor once the details become clear! Thank You, Lord!

Q:  When it comes time to travel, what will you do about the fact that you are still nursing Verity?

A:  I wasn’t originally planning to go into these details, but this is the second-most-common question I have received since this adoption took off.

What you may not know is that God has given me a phenomenal milk supply all these months.  Our friends’ baby has been well-supplied with the excess milk that I have pumped and frozen.  This baby will turn a year old not long before Verity does in June, will be moving on to table foods, and not be as dependent on the milk.

Our current plan is to save up frozen milk for Verity so that she can receive it in bottles during the time we are separated, whenever that may be.  I plan to obtain two hand pumps to safeguard my milk supply while I am traveling.  Yes, that means I would have to pump and dump, but it would be worth it.  Remember that Katerina is still essentially a baby, and being bottle-fed.  We are hoping to keep my milk supply up in order to continue to breastfeed Verity and have some for Katerina after she is home.

…lookin’ like God had this all planned out…

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4 Responses to “Q & A: Adoption details III”

  1. Ginger says:

    Can we donate breastmilk to Katerina when you get her home? I would imagine plenty of Momys would be willing to do that. I would.

  2. Ginger says:

    btw, are you not adopting w/ Reece’s Rainbow? I had the impression you started there. They have buttons where donations are all tax deductible. Is that something you’d consider?

  3. Susanna says:

    Ginger, what a touching offer! I would gladly take you up on it! Thank you!

    As of right now, we haven’t applied to RR because they ask for a $250 donation, and God hasn’t given us the extra funds to do that! If He does, we will apply. He’s been providing just what we need right before we need it!

    We didn’t start with RR because our little girl was no longer listed with them. She was listed w/ them last spring, and for some reason her file was sent back to her country when she wasn’t chosen. We found her on Lifeline adoption agency’s password protected waiting children list.

    Right now, we are hoping to apply to Lifesong for Orphans for their matching grant program, and possibly their program that enables people to help a widow and an orphan at the same time. We thought it was a genius idea, but we’ll see what God brings about!

  4. Susanna says:

    Another note about RR family sponsorship:

    On their website, they explain that there is a $25 cost for applying for their adoption grant eligibility and family sponsorship program. On the actual application, they respectfully request an additional love offering of $250 or more.

    Just wanted to make that clear. :)

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