Q & A: Adoption details II

February 17th, 2011

Q:  Where are you in the adoption process itself?

A:  Yesterday I ran the very last bit of home study paperwork to our home study agency!  Hurray!

Our social worker is planning to finish writing our home study by this weekend. If this happens, it means that our home study will have been completed in a month’s time, which is nothing short of astonishing!  This step typically takes about three months, and can take even longer.  Lifeline’s home study typically takes about five months.  Stephanie says we have been “moving at lightning speed!”  We are so thankful that our Father provided the funds and the time to enable us to fly through this step so quickly.

There are two things waiting for this completed home study.

~One, we need to send it in with our I-800A application to Immigrations (USCIS).  First it will go to Lifeline to make sure it is in line with the Hague Convention requirements, since our home study agency is not Hague-accredited. The Hague Convention helps to protect children from crimes like child trafficking.

We’ve been told that approval from the USCIS is taking about 60 days right now.  That is the best case scenario, with no requests for further information or other delays!  So we are praying for approval in 60 days or less! We know our God can make that happen!

~Two, we need this completed home study in order to apply to Lifesong for Orphans, an orphan care ministry that offers matching grants.

Q:  Speaking of God’s provision, are the donations keeping up with your expenses?

A:  Despite my bored distaste with the subject, the story of international adoption seems to be largely made up of words about money.  If it wasn’t so important to be an open book about the large sums of money that are passing through our hands, we’d wait until the end and say, “The money we needed came in and went out and God did it all!”

<sigh>  Oh well.  May God glorify Himself in all things, financial though they be!

Yesterday we paid the home study agency all but their final fee.  That final fee, for the post-placement visits, is actually due now, but our social worker generously said we can wait and pay it when we have the extra funds.

We are praying and waiting on God to provide for the large fees that are coming due during this next week.  We know that a God who does the impossible can surely handle this!  Kim has not told us the total from the Valentine’s fundraiser, but that will go directly to those large fees.

I should have mentioned earlier that Linsey would be delighted if you would feel free to share her Valentines for Veronika fundraising website with anyone you like, including on Facebook.  To those who have ordered goodies, or who have spread the word–THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts on behalf of our little Katerina.  It is hard for me not to be able to personally thank everyone who is loving her in this practical way!

This week, we were flabbergasted to receive $1000 from an older couple we haven’t seen for a decade!  They wrote that they had received an email explaining that we were adopting a little girl from Eastern Europe!  We are in awe, and we praise God for moving in their hearts!  That was His provision to pay the home study agency yesterday, sign up for the online education, and buy a required book.  [We aren’t counting any books in our expenses, as you will readily understand if you are also a bibliophile.  We aren’t counting the food we’re eating, either.  Hehehe.]

Q:  Are there any other adoption-related tasks coming up, or will you just be waiting for your approval from the USCIS?

A:  We have begun to work on requirements for our dossier.  The dossier is the packet of documents that we will send to our adoption attorney with our I-800A approval and home study.  We can expedite it somewhat by sending her some documents ahead of time so that she can have them translated by the time the complete dossier gets to her.

And later today, a gentleman who is also a Christian psychiatrist is planning to come to our home to assess whether we are in good enough mental health to handle an international adoption!

We are also required to complete a fair amount of reading and online education, and we are working on that as diligently as possible.

And when we run out of adoption-related tasks to do, and we are still waiting, and waiting, and waiting for that I-800A approval, we hope to get together with some of our much-neglected friends!

Still to be continued…

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