Notice from Boss 1!

February 11th, 2011

Yes, three posts in one day!  But God is moving fast and furious right now, and we’re scrambling to keep up!

Kim just called me to say that they are still getting so many Valentine’s orders that they have decided to extend the sale and keep it open through next week!

So please feel free to keep passing on Linsey’s Valentines for Little V website!

She told me that I’m missing all the fun!  And that she wishes we could see the excitement and enthusiasm of everyone who is involved in helping, from those who are baking to those who are running to the store for more supplies!  She has been touched by how many gifts have been given by young, college-age people, some who have said they don’t need cookies, they just want to give.  And we are all astounded by how many people are responding to forwards of forwarded emails.  You know, the kind you delete without reading?  Giving money to strangers and not asking for a tax deductible receipt?  Is this not amazing?

She’s refusing to give me any details yet about the current total that has been raised!

We received a check in the mail today from an online friend we have never met–for $500!  So adding this to that $1000, we will be able to pay the first installment of Lifeline’s fee, plus enroll for the online education and buy a required book!  Thank You, Lord!!

And–glorious news!  We may have a lead on how to help get nutrition to our girlie!   God could use this to bring help to more than just one little girl.  Please keep praying, and pray big!  We have a big God!

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  1. Shauna says:

    Will I ever cease to be amazed by the workings of God’s plan?  Again I say Wow, just WOW!  :)

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