May I introduce to you…

February 15th, 2011

…little Katerina Hope~

This is the little one so many of us have been loving, praying for, working for…

Her birth name?  That belongs to her old life.

This baby girl will be nine years old next month.  Jane just turned nine years old last month.  Jane, who croons over her pictures and calls her, “Sweet baby.”

When Stephanie got her file last spring, her first words to Brian were, “Nobody will ever love her but us.”

And she began praying that a family would come forward to claim her.

And we love her, our chosen daughter.

Friends, these are “before” pictures

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42 Responses to “May I introduce to you…”

  1. Danielle M says:

    Ohhh I am so glad she is public.  It will be nice for everyone to have a face to put with her name to pray for. 
    And I had “Katie” in my mind a few posts back when you asked us to guess at a name.  That isn’t far from Katerina. 
    Praying for you all! 

  2. Susanna says:

    Danielle, she probably will end up “Katie,” and “Kate,” and “Katie-bird,” and many more nicknames, knowing how things go around here!

  3. stephanie says:

    OMGoodness she is beautiful and she is only going to grow more and more beautiful with you and your family. Those eyes!!!! My heart just aches for these sweets. She is so small , God must have had His hands on her keeping her alive until you came. You are literally saving her life. I wish the world could see and understand and love, like you and your family.
    God bless!

  4. M says:

    She is beautiful. I can’t get over the look in her eyes…

    Looking forward to the after pictures!

  5. Heather~ Cheymelah says:

    She is gorgeous Susanna! We are so excited to see her. Look at those beautiful eyes!!!

  6. sabrina says:

    Susanna, I have tears too. Sweet, beautiful girl. I think of a tiny, spindly seedling. Love, care, warmth, protection, nourishment. She will no longer have to spend every drop of energy to fight to survive. She will be able to start to really live. Your family will love and treasure her just for who she is. She will just be able to soak it all up and grow into whatever God has planned for her.

  7. Debbie says:

    Susanna, so glad to see her!  She is precious, and her eyes move me to tears.  I am so excited to see what God is doing and how he is moving in her life to bring her into something she has no idea of.

  8. Becky says:

    She’s too precious Susanna!

  9. Amy (choochie) says:

    Wow!  What strikes me most about this beautiful little girl is that her eyes and face are full of curiosity and almost wonder instead of despair, like some of the other precious children (and as one would expect there to be)!!  She looks like she has a real will to survive and we are so excited to see her begin to thrive when she is a part of your loving, caring family. **tears**  So glad to get to see her photos!!

  10. sheva says:

    she is so beautiful and im just so happy for your family. I cant wait to see the “after” pics

  11. Angiedawn says:

    Tears………I was getting ready to get off the internet when I remembered “TUESDAY!”.Then the page would NOT load.It finally worked after about 5 long minutes where I could only read your words but see no pictures.I had tears THEN before seeing anything! I can’t WAIT to see this precious girl with your family.It is just the way I felt when Verity was on the way.I was so happy that she was going to have YOU for a mother.Now the same for this baby girl.She has no clue how blessed she is going to be.I am so happy for her AND your family.I agree with Amy…..She *does* look curious!If she only had a CLUE what is in store for her! I am so happy to see these pictures today…..

  12. We were so excited to see her this morning… Our Katy is 9 years old, so she is especially glad that Katerina will be getting so much love and attention very soon. I told the children that your Katie will look very different in a year after being with your family- love makes all the difference! We are all praying for you and I was unable to keep back the tears at finally being able to see your beautiful little girl. God bless you and keep you!

  13. M says:

    What is the time-line to bringing her home?

  14. Susanna says:

    M, probably the earliest we can take our first trip to see her would be May. Then the second trip, to pick her up, could be 4 or 5 *MONTHS* after that, unless God intervenes. Which intervention we will certainly be praying for!!!

  15. Kim says:

    What an amazing thing to think that this little Beauty was in the mind of Christ to be your daughter before the foundations of that world and that through the little life of your sweet Verity He brought it all to pass.

  16. Patti says:

    Crying here as well- she is BEAUTIFUL, friend!! We will be praying !!

  17. meriah says:

    Oh my Lord! She was being starved. How could someone do that to a child? Bless you for being her forever family!

  18. Elissa says:

    She is beautiful! How amazing that she will know the love of such a wonderful family! May God hold her in his hands until you can go rescue her.

  19. Susanna, she is beautiful and so tiny!  I’m looking forward to seeing pictures once she is home with her forever family.  After pictures will be amazing…  She is so blessed to have a family like you!  I agree with the others, she is curious and if she only knew what is going to change for her this year!  I ahve a Kaitlynn and we call her kaitie or Kaitie girl etc….  Such a beautfiul name you have chosen for her.

  20. Melissa says:

    She is beautiful and she has the most amazing eyes!

  21. Shauna says:

    I can’t WAIT to see the after pictures!  She is precious and so blessed that you will be her family.  I have a Cadence that we call Cadie :)  I hope someday we get to meet ALL of you in real life.  I am so excited we get to be part of this journey even from a distance.

  22. Scott says:

    oh my! Such an exciting day to get to see her for ourselves! She is beautiful! We will so pray that God intervenes in the timing and brings her to you soon. What a fighter she is to wait so long already! Thank you so much for shring this journey with us. Please be sure to let us know wehn that matching gift happens so we can jump on it too.

    I’m sure Scott will post as well. but this is actually Candy this time

  23. Joy Horton says:

    When you said her name started with a K that was the name that came to mind. I LOVE the name you’ve picked for her – PERFECT middle name for her and her whole situation! I got chills and tears just reading the title of this post!!!

    She is SO precious!! (Will you be able to post the video of her – or PM it to me or something?)

    I can understand so easily why you wanted to reach through the screen and pick her up. I had the same feelings overwhelming me looking at her pics.

    What a BLESSED little girl she is – and she doesn’t know it yet – but GOD SOOOOOOO DID!!!! What an awesome thing this all is to behold!!!!

    Love you!!

  24. Laura Ivansons says:

    Wow. 9. Hard to believe any 9 year old can be that small. I pray you get to bring her home earlier than later. She does look very curious.

  25. Anna says:

    Can’t wait to see her smile!

  26. Lara Font says:

    9 years 2nd daughter just turned 9. My heart breaks for little Katerina, but it is bursting with JOY, she has a new family to love and nurture her!  God is SO GOOD!!!  Hugs and YEAH Verity!!!!  Go GIRL!!XO

  27. Kristi says:

    Susanna, she’s just BEAUTIFUL!!!  Thank you for sharing with us!  I’m so happy for you and for Katerina!!

  28. Michele says:

    Susanna & family,

    She is beautiful!!! Beautiful name too!!

  29. Esther Glick says:

    I am so touched! I can already envision the “after” photos you will post one day…of a once neglected child now thriving…gaining weight, and with a new sparkle in her once sad eyes because of all the love that I know will be POURED into her life!
    Welcome Katerina, we love you!!!

  30. Nancy says:

    Oh, my but she is beautiful!!!!  Her eyes are so alert and beautiful!  I also love the name Katerina Joy.  What a wonderful hope and joy she will bring to your family.  It makes me wish that I knew you all in real life (and that we lived closer!) so that I could meet her in person.   What a beautiful addition to your already beautiful family!

  31. Elizabeth says:

    beautiful name for a beautiful child of God

  32. Catherine says:

    Well, I can say I love the name but I may have an unfair opinion :-) We’re so happy to finally “meet” your little miss. Can’t wait to see her at home with all of you! Her eyes are so bright after so long; she really will be amazing.

  33. Anna T says:

    Thank you for sharing Susanna!  She IS your chosen daughter, the daughter of your heart and has beautiful eyes, so pretty (and her hair appears to be the same color as yours).  I am continuing to pray…God CAN move mountains when He is ready, I can’t believe that it **may** take that much longer after your 1st visit to bring her home.  I’m looking forward to getting to know her when she’s with you, her forever family.  I don’t know what else to say through tears…  ((Hugs)) and love,  Anna

  34. Shari~hotfudgecustard says:

    Beautiful!!!  And I think there ia a pretty hairbow waiting for her.  And a mama who loves her girls so much.  It’s amazing to think of ALL that awaits her!!!!

  35. Stephanie Blanchard says:

    Susie, she is beautiful!  I’m praying for those mountains to be moved quickly as we know that God Himself can do!  I can already imagine her “after” pictures.  I love her little face and her eyes are so full of life.  (And those lashes make me a bit jealous!)  I can’t wait, I can’t wait, I can’t wait! 

  36. I am so amazed!  I just love her name!  Congratulations!  God is so good!  :)

  37. Erin says:

    Praise the Lord… This little girl is being prayed for all over the country… rejoicing with you and your journey. She is beautiful!

  38. Oh my goodness!  I ended up on your blog via another blog and saw the photo of the little girl I had been praying for for so long, and whose picture was no longer posted on Reece´s Rainbow!  I honestly thought perhaps she had passed away, but continued to pray for her, wherever she was.  I am so pleased to hear that, not only is she still OK (if you can call her condition “OK”!) but will soon be going home!  God bless your family!

  39. Susanna says:

    I cannot express how moved I am to read this, Anna! How marvelous! Thank you for loving her and being faithful to pray for her all these months, without any knowledge of how she is doing! Our God is so amazing!

  40. Jennifer says:

    Beautiful! So excited for you!

  41. Marilyn Osborn says:

    She is precious.  Just precious.  Continued prayers for you.

  42. Kristi says:

    Oh, she is beautiful. So sad that she has suffered so much, hoping she is in your home very soon.

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