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January 18th, 2011

Q:  Have you heard from the home study agency director yet?

Yes, just now.  *sigh of relief at finally having an answer*

She has decided she does not want to work with us, but she offered to email a list of alternative agencies in our area.  We’ll talk with Stephanie before we take the next step, since Stephanie had alternatives of her own waiting in the wings.

Q:  Why did you edit your last post?

A:  Because some of the wonderful readers of this blog gave me enough feedback to let me know that I had not communicated what I wanted to, and had communicated what I did not want to!  I certainly do not agree with the idea that it is wrong to adopt due to infertility, or to adopt healthy children!  Hearing a friend say, “I knew what you meant to say,” was a clue that it needed work!  Hahaha!

I was clumsily attempting to address the rightness or wrongness of the motives behind adoption, and to paint the picture of the two most extremely opposite motivations.  And that we should not be surprised to see God doing wondrous deeds in the life-and-death kinds of adoptions.

Deleting the whole “motives” section worked better than trying to re-state it.  If you have an opinion as to the final result, I hope you’ll tell me!  I highly respect and appreciate anyone who lovingly and courageously holds a mirror up to my blind spots!  How will I see them otherwise?  :)

Q:  Anything new to report?

A:  Yes, this morning my dad called to tell us about a crib he’ll be bringing by.  An upcoming post will explain why I am rejoicing about that crib!

Verity has nursed without the nursing shield or supplemental nursing system for several mornings in a row now!  Miss Marcia, her occupational therapist, said Verity was so strong with nursing that I should give her a chance first thing in the morning.  She’s doing it!  She doesn’t get much that way yet, but hurray for more progress!

We’re dismantling that bathroom.  And taking pictures!

AND…!!!  Last night Kim called to tell us that an unknown friend has offered to pay for the bathroom flooring!!!  Thank you to whomever made that offer!  We PRAISE GOD!!!

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4 Responses to “Quick Q & A…”

  1. Ilisa says:

    Yay for nursing success!  Calvin has been nursing now for almost 2 months and he is slowly yet surely improving, and so will she!  I was wondering how it was going…

  2. alice says:

    that is so great about Verity nursing! Wow! How far she has come! I think your edited blog post makes the very point you were going for! May you be blessed for your humility and teachable heart! Happy bathroom demo! Can’t wait to see pics!

  3. Kristin says:

    So glad to hear about the nursing success!  WAY to go Mom and Verity!!  Can’t wait to see pics of the bathroom :)

  4. Susanna says:

    Thank you, Alice, that means a lot to me. (((((Love you)))))

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