Impossible? For God?

January 28th, 2011

After a week of wondering whether our Lifeline application was lost in the mail, or perhaps in the round file, Stephanie told me it finally arrived yesterday afternoon!

The reason it took so long to get to them was that they recently moved their office to a different location and Stephanie forgot to tell me to send it to the new address.


If I had mailed it to the new location, and they had received it last Saturday or Monday as expected…

…it would have been reviewed by a social worker…treading gently here…

…who would have been like the first home study agency lady…only more so…

…but who after Monday was moved off of this program within Lifeline.

She was replaced by another social worker who has worked well with Stephanie in the past!

Thank You, LORD!

We don’t expect to hear whether Lifeline has approved us until Monday at the earliest.

We do know that this Lifeline social worker has reviewed our file.  The only question she’s had for Stephanie so far?

Whether Pennsylvania has rules for international adoption regarding how much living space per person in the household, or how many people per bedroom.  The answer is “no.”

And we sent some pictures to show how we get the most out of our bedroom space.  Not necessary, but perhaps helpful!

Since I was fussing with them anyway, I thought you may like to see too…so…

Girls’ room.  This is a daybed with a trundle underneath.  That dresser holds Laura and Jane’s non-hanging clothes.

Where Verity’s crib is now.  Doesn’t it look lonely??

We’ve already had a second crib offered to us.  We didn’t know we’d ever have the privilege of twins again, so we didn’t save our second crib from that era!

One crib fits here~

And the other one there~

Remember these shelves that Joe built?  We did put two more baskets on the top shelf, so that’s two, four, six, eight, nine over here…

…plus the seven over here equals sixteen.  And there is storage space behind the baskets on this shelving.

Waaaaaaay too much space for one little Verity.

(The dresser here holds Peter, James, and Stephen’s clothing.)

We use underbed bins to add even more space.  And we have extra storage space in our closet as well, if needed~

What about the boys’ room?  Where in the world do we fit seven boys?  (I’m on a roll now!)

There’s an empty bed in this room~

Joe is the ingenius brain behind the design of all these bunks.  He used what we had on hand…

…including a set of toddler beds.

(Yes, the twins do have bedcovers!)

Did you notice that there are no dressers in this room?  That’s because in this closet…

…Joe built in so much storage we don’t need it all~

Those of you who have known us well over the past few years will understand why these bedrooms fit into the category of “God’s perfect timing!”  We finished them not long before I conceived Verity.


Our individual interviews yesterday with the home study social worker were very positive.  Afterward, she explained what the home visit involves and what she would be looking for.  She said she will make time for a home visit next week.




Thank You, LORD!

Are we nervous?  Actually, no, we’re not!

We could not possibly be more reassured by her words and manner.  We would recommend her to any stable, healthy large family in this area who is called by God to save a child’s life through adoption.

Our house projects don’t need to be finished by the time she comes.  She is looking for a solid plan.  And she told us we can get started on our USCIS (Immigration) paperwork at any time.  That will be sent in once the home study process is complete, so it will save time to have it ready to go.


One more quick one~

We are required to take a lengthy class on parenting an adopted child.  We’re supposed to be finished this class by the time of the home visit.

They hold these classes there at the agency, but…

…we missed the last one by a few days, and the next one is not imminent, so…

…she said we can watch the class on video at home!

At home, where we can watch them together as a family on our available time!

All Your works shall give thanks to You, O LORD, and all Your saints shall bless You!

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8 Responses to “Impossible? For God?”

  1. Ilisa says:

    Can you come organize my home? ;)  Very nice and as a child I would have loved to stay in the boys’ room with my siblings all around me!  How nice and cozy and so relationship focused.

  2. Marilyn Osborn says:

    Love, love the details!  PTL!!!!!!
    The rooms are wonderful!

  3. Angiedawn says:

    I LOVE the rooms and I have to tell you that we have the SAME phone! lol

  4. sabrina says:

    Love the pictures! I’ll be praying all goes well for your home visit.

  5. Stephanie Blanchard says:

    Love the house tour.  (Also, when we were doing our amazing amount of reading before our adoption, we found that most professionals say that children from orphanages tend to adjust better in homes where they SHARE rooms!!!  Think about it, they are used to be around other children!!) 

  6. Menardfamily says:

    Everything looks beautiful and makes me miss you. :) Praying!

  7. LaurieP says:

    Those are the best pictures!!!!  It’s inspiring me to think of all the winter projects I *could* be taking on. 

  8. Susanna says:

    Thank you, everyone! Home visit is on the calendar for Thursday morning at 10 am!

    Angie, we recently discovered the intercom function on those phones and now we use that all the time!

    I miss you, too, Tracy! I still get your blog updates, but can’t post comments! Btw, any chance you guys are coming down this way the end of May??

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