Clear and sunny at seven months

January 29th, 2011

So what has lil’ baby-cakes been doing while her family whirls busily about her?

Still working hard and making progress at her own pace!  Gradually gaining in strength and skill!

She’s working on weight-shifting, trunk rotation, and tolerating a hands-and-knees position, among other skills.

Her receptive language skills are good.  This means that she understands a large and growing list of words, including our names.

She silently mouths “mama,” but she hasn’t added a voice to it yet!  That will be one for the video camera, believe me!

She occasionally nurses without benefit of shield and supplemental nursing system.  She stopped gaining and started losing when I let her try that every morning, so I cut back.  I had previously accepted that she may always need the extra help, so I am far from disappointed in her!  I still haven’t gotten over the fact that she loves to nurse!

She’s willing to bear some weight on her feet when I hold her against my shoulder in a standing position.

She only needs minimal support to be able to play with a toy while she’s in a sitting position.

And she does love to be upright rather than lying down.  She holds herself nicely now, and rarely slumps.

She’s getting better at purposeful, controlled reaching from her shoulders rather than from her elbows.  We have her practice this while her trunk is supported.

She understands the word, “Reach.”

She understands the word, “Clap,” and will bang her toys together.

She has good fine motor skills and can pass a toy back and forth from one hand to the other.

She expresses her various emotions and needs much more clearly than she did just a month ago, and even has different “grades” of smiles.

Her sweetly pathetic courtesy smile…

…is more amusing but less convincing than her friendly smile…

…which in turn can’t hold a candle to her real smile…

…which never gets old…

…like we never get tired of the sun rising every morning…

…bursting over the horizon…

We love you, Verity Joy-baby.  Yummy sweet baby-cakes.  Myum, myum, myum.

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8 Responses to “Clear and sunny at seven months”

  1. Denise says:

    Oh so happy to see Verity!!

    She is such a HAPPY BABY!!!!   She just looks like such a DELIGHT!!!

    jw– does that mean you are still pumping a LOT, if you are using the supplemental system?  

  2. Marilyn Osborn says:

    Love the updates.  Her whole face lights up when she grins!  So precious!  Praising the Lord for her great progress!

  3. alice says:

    so cute and smart…just like her mama!

  4. Jennifer (JenK) says:

    So sweet, thankyou for sharing pics!  It sounds like she’s doing SO well!

  5. Amy Morris says:

    How beautiful she is. We love you too little Miss Verity. Thanks Mama for sharing her. God continue to bless your family :)

  6. Ginger says:

    So funny to hear all your therapy-speak: trunk rotation, expressive and receptive language, fine motor skills. It’s funny how natural these words come now, huh? :)

  7. Dad says:

    Happy Birthday, Susanna!
    We love you, Dad and Sally.

  8. sasha says:

    Love the photos. The ones of her laughing are so cute.

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