Praise God!!!

December 8th, 2010

Remember when I asked you to pray for the November 22nd meeting between T***, a special-needs adoption attorney in Eastern Europe, and the government official responsible for international adoptions in that country?

I finally have news, and it’s good, good, good!

Here’s how God answered, and I quote from T***’s email~

“The meeting went very well.  From the very beginning they said they fully support us and that they think that it is very important for the special needs program to continue.  They complimented us about our work and said that it was exemplary.  We laid out our motivation, our thoughts, and our requests, and the [official] agreed with everything.  She said that the existing practice should continue.

We specifically asked her as a head of all the international adoptions administration [if she could take] a stand and decide once and forever the existing problem with the “other” agencies.  She said she would.  She said she would make her decision and it would be in favor of the special needs program and that she won’t allow further speculations about its existence coming from the ‘other’ agencies.

I want to especially thank all of you who have been so fervently praying for this meeting and for the children.  I have always known that there is no weapon more powerful than prayer, and this fact was confirmed one more time.  But we should keep praying.  The devil is not happy and he won’t give up that easily.  He will keep causing troubles and messes so we should fight him with our pleading and prayers to the Lord of All Who is incomparably mightier than satan and any of his fallen angels.

These kids need homes and their only chance is to be adopted.  Jesus Himself promised us: ‘I will not leave you orphaned. I am coming back.’ (John 14:18).”

So there you have it!  Thank you, to those of you who prayed!  Thank You, Lord, for intervening on behalf these precious little ones!!!

We have more good adoption-related news, but I am double-checking some of it first, and can hardly wait to update you!

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  1. allison henson says:

    Glad to hear it had a good outcome!

  2. Anna T says:


  3. Patti says:

    This is awesome news, Susanna!!!!

  4. Stephanie Blanchard says:


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