Piggy toes

December 13th, 2010

Verity has been spending some time under the weather, despite the generous amount of chopped raw garlic I’ve been consuming.

You know she’d be worse without that garlic though, my dear, much worse.  (“Yes, yes, whatever you say!”  *backing away*)

It’s really nothing serious, just a lack of appetite and snuffly nose.

Which means, of course, that her eating has slowed down again.  Did you expect me to say something different this time?  Hahaha!  Hello, my name is Susanna, and I am a broken record.

Of course, hearing everyone else talk about how stressful life is in the fast lane, especially at Christmastime, I think I’ve got it made.  My children think they’ve got it made, because they are in charge of making our Christmas treats this year.

So baby lost her smile for a few days and looked properly pathetic instead.  But that didn’t stop her from discovering a new favorite friend.

“Look, Verity, eyes! The doll has eyes!

Or a new favorite toy~

Without help from us~

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9 Responses to “Piggy toes”

  1. Ginger says:

    Speaking of a broken record, were you around when I was posting on Momys every 3rd day about GSE? Grapefruit Seed Extract is actually a stronger antibiotic than raw garlic and it doesn’t have the repellent factor. ;) You can take it in tablet form or give Verity 1 drop in some milk or food (is she eating any solids? I have no idea, sorry.)
    I did a whole GSE tutorial on my blog fyi.

  2. Susanna says:

    I have a bottle of that, Ginger, to use when cleaning the pump tubing.  I can add a daily drop to her SNS bottle–thanks for the tip!

    (No solids until we absolutely have to!)

  3. Ilisa says:

    Ah, GSE, I use that for thrush prevention if need be as well!  Love the natural things out there.  I love garlic too!
    I just wanted to say Verity looks so awesome.  I am looking forward to Calvin moving past this stage and becoming more active.  It just feels like it’s taking awhile.  But, I am also savoring it…that is an attitude choice.  Someday we’ll be telling them to slow down!!  Oh, and with feedings too perhaps.

  4. Joy Horton says:

    Sorry to hear Verity was sick but those pics of her are SO ADORABLE!!! I’m glad she’s on the mend. Off to check out Ginger’s blog about GSE! LOL

  5. Ginger says:

    Looked back at the intro post and I see that Verity’s only 6 mos old. I had it in my head that she was older. Good for you for postponing solids! Julia started solids when she was 8 mos old only b/c I was so excited to give it to her. Silly me! Mom of 8 and I’m still impatient. lol

  6. What a cutie and I hope she continues to be on the mend. I second the GSE. :D


  7. They’re right about the GSE!!! I also use Vick’s on the soles of their feet (cover them with socks)… it makes such a difference, too! We’re praying for all of you, and she is such a sweet muffin in those pics!!!

  8. Tami Swaim says:

    You know what… some of my kids did not like the way garlic changed the taste of my milk.  Maybe Verity doesn’t like the new taste?  Just an idea.

  9. Susanna says:

    I might think so too, Tami, except that I’ve been taking garlic all along, just upping it now. I had heard that babies will nurse *more* if they taste garlic in the milk–don’t know if that’s true! Onion is supposedly the culprit that causes tummy problems, etc.

    And thank you again for the boys’ clothes! What a blessing! :)

    Colleen, that is an idea I never would have thought of–thank you!

    Verity still seems to be fighting it off pretty well, thank the Lord. I haven’t even needed to use the NoseFrida snotsucker, just the Xlear nasal spray. Amazing, considering the small house, bad weather, and germs from the others. :)

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