The Lord is King! [I]

November 4th, 2010

Our family is rejoicing in the amazing goodness of the Lord!

Of our three main financial barriers to adoption, one has been crossed off the list already.  We most likely will not need a bigger house in order to be approved for the specific type of adoption we so desire.

The second barrier, the actual adoption cost, is looking smaller and smaller the more information we get.  For one thing, the cost can be smaller in reality than it is on paper.  We know God can easily open up opportunities for us to raise funds.  There are also many avenues to connect with individuals who have not themselves been called to adopt, but who have an eager heart to give toward the adoptions of others.  And there are various ministries with grants available, as well as interest-free loans.  We are more likely to qualify for some of these because we are pursuing adoption of a child with special needs, and also because we will have a greater need for it than some.

The third barrier is really the only one of substance.  This is the federal requirement that our annual income meet or exceed 125% of the federal poverty level.  We would need to show proof of this for one year, unless by some miracle they would make an exception for us.  This means we would need to have one year of earning a higher income than we have been.


Are we going to say, “Well now, God can do some things, but that problem is too big and impossible for Him to solve!”

Well, maybe we would say that if He wasn’t KING OF THE UNIVERSE.  As it is, we will continue to ask great things of our great God!

So far, Joe and I have developed a few beliefs about money.

1. We don’t waste time worrying about it. God will always give us what we need.  He said He would.

2.  If He hasn’t given it to us yet, that’s because He is saying we don’t need it yet. And if we have what looks like a need we can’t readily meet?  We ask Him, and wait to see what He will do.

3.  God leads by how He provides. We LOVE not having the means to do whatever we want!  This helps us discern what God does or doesn’t want us to do!

4.  What He gives us is always so much better than what we could have gotten for ourselves! He knows what we need better than we do.  And we LOVE living with what He gives us, knowing it’s His good gift to us!  Joy!  Contentment!  Creativity!

5.  While waiting on Him, He asks us to work hard at what He gives us to do, be generous to others as He prompts, and live simply ourselves. Sometimes there is a direct connection between what we’re working at and how God provides.  And sometimes we are working at one thing and God provides from a different direction altogether.  But we take seriously the Biblical injunction that if we are unwilling to work, we should not even be eating.  And that the work we offer to God should be as excellent as we can possibly get it to be.

6.  We do not complain about not having enough money. Ever.  If our children ask about something that we don’t have, we never give as the reason, “We don’t have enough money.”  Because the truth is either that we don’t believe God wants us to spend money on it, or that He hasn’t provided the money for it yet.  Either way the proper response is to be content.  So that’s what we tell them.

7.  We do not believe it is wise to voluntarily enter into an indebted state.The Bible calls debt a curse and children a blessing; but in our culture, we apply for a curse and reject the blessings.  Something is
wrong with this picture.” ~ Doug Phillips

When we started out in marriage, we told anyone who asked that yes, we hope to have many children.  This didn’t mean that we expected to have a dozen children within the next year.  Having a large family was a big undertaking that we assumed would take time to accomplish, and that God would provide for it as we had need.  This is exactly what happened.  In fact, we have seen God undertake for us numerous times throughout the years.


We don’t expect this big undertaking of adoption to be all settled and done in the next few months.  We do expect to see God lead us exactly where and when and how and what and WHO.  Exactly as He has done all along.  “Be still, my soul: thy God shall undertake to guide the future as He has the past.”

I didn’t get to the best part yet and this post is already lengthy!  That will have to wait for the next post, and the time to write it!

For now, let me say that we are marveling at a door that the Lord has already opened for us!

Last night we celebrated by singing one of our favorite triumphant hymns!

“The Lord is King!  Lift up thy voice, O earth; and all ye heav’ns rejoice: from world to world the joy shall ring, ‘The Lord omnipotent is King!’

The Lord is King!  Who then shall dare resist His will, distrust His care, or murmur at His wise decrees, or doubt His royal promises?

The Lord is King!  Child of the dust, the Judge of all the earth is just; holy and true are all His ways: let every creature speak His praise.

Alike pervaded by His eye, all parts of His dominion lie; this world of ours and worlds unseen, and thin the boundary between.

One Lord, one empire all secures; He reigns, and life and death are yours: through earth and heav’n one song shall ring, ‘The Lord omnipotent is King!”

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4 Responses to “The Lord is King! [I]”

  1. stephanie says:

    Girl, you are keeping my hope alive!!!!!!! Keep writing!!!

  2. Marilyn Osborn says:

    He truly will provide.  He did it for me THREE times!  Praise Him, praise Him!

  3. Anna T says:

    Yes, He IS King!!  He is truly Jehovah-Jireh, the LORD will provide for ALL of our needs.  My Dad is an accountant if you would like to talk with someone from that line of work?  Also, could a “special project’ be completed by your husband and older sons during the summer (maybe) that would bring in the extra money (re-finish someone’s basement?, I’m just thinking off the top of my head?)?

  4. Stephanie Blanchard says:

    I’m super duper excited to watch this unfold… I KNOW that God does amazing things to bring the lonely into families.  I’ve seen it with my own eyes. 

    You have me giddy excited to start our next adoption. :)

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