Early Intervention I

August 12th, 2010

1:23 pm:  Verity had just fallen asleep and I was stepping in the shower.  Daniel was downstairs washing up the four little boys and dressing them in clean clothes.  Laura and Jane were cleaning up the kitchen after lunch, and would be taking their showers when Daniel was finished.  We were right on track to be ready for our visitors to arrive at 2:30.

1:24 pm:  Daniel calls through the bathroom door, “Mom, the ladies are here.  What should they do?”


“Tell them I thought they were coming at 2:30, they can wait in the living room, and I will be there as soon as I am able!”

That was the fastest shower I ever laughed my way through and I am still laughing!  Which of you exactly were the ones praying for me??

They were very gracious and assured me that I had not inconvenienced them at all, and we spent a pleasant few hours together.  Verity was her usual curious self and cooperated nicely with the evaluation until a long spell of hiccups interrupted her.  Both ladies were quite charmed with her brightness and social skills.  She earned extra brownie points by smiling at the evaluator.  :-)

Here are the five areas that were evaluated and how she rated compared with typical babies~

Physical: I wasn’t surprised to learn that she’s pretty far behind in this area.  She’ll be getting physical therapy to help her gain core strength as well as head and neck control.

Cognition: She actually scored in the average range in this area.

Communication: She was a bit low in this area, mostly because the only vocalisation she does is crying (no cooing).  The evaluator said that improving her core strength will help in this area as well.

Social Emotional: She scored in the average range in this area, too.

Adaptive: She was a bit low here, as this area includes feeding skills.  She will be getting occupational therapy, and they will be asking for a therapist who is trained in helping babies move from tube feeding to bottle feeding, and then to breastfeeding.

The plan is to have the two therapy sessions every other week, taking a week off in between rather than spacing the sessions out to one each week.

I am so eager to begin to learn the ways we can help her best!  This part will be fun!  We have so many teachers living in our house!

(There was nothing awkward about our visit at all.)

(Go ahead, you can laugh at me now!)

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5 Responses to “Early Intervention I”

  1. Shari~hotfudgecustard says:

    I’m thanking the Lord for peace in your home with these visitors, for the help they will bring to you, and for the witness you all will be to them.

  2. Becky says:

    I’m glad that it went well!  It will be so good to learn lots of news ways to help Miss Verity!  She is just so precious!

  3. Tami Swaim says:

    I was not sure at all how I would like having Joel evaluated and going through therapy.  All my fears about it all melted away with time and experience.  I’ve learned to enjoy the fact that Joel gets therapy and we have fun with it now.  One of my biggest concerns was simply that Joel wouldn’t be treated as JOEL~  Special and unique how God had made him. and instead us and everyone would focus on how he needs to change!  That wasn’t true at all however and I am so glad.  His therapist treat him as special and uniquely Joel and are sincerely concerned about him as a person.  They are simply aiding him in the areas that will make him feel better about interacting with others as well as with in the family (build confidence).  And the therapy works only because of what we do with him in between sessions which also makes me glad.  It’s as if the ‘specialist’ teach me each week what I can do with him at home.  Ultimately WE are his therapists and teachers which thrills me (even though we get “outside” help) make sense?  Anyway…I’m convince that you will find joy in the journey!

  4. Maggie says:

    Congratulations on your beautiful girl!
    This post made me laugh…my son is 5 and has been in speech therapy since in home Early Intervention started at 18 months. When the person first arrived, I too, had forgotten the time, and day, whatever.
    The teacher was knocking on the door, and I didn’t answer it. I didn’t know who it was! and my son went over to the door and started knocking back! And I’m saying, “shhh!!! and laughing my head off!”
    finally i realized…”oh this must be the speech teacher!” and so began it all!

  5. Susanna says:

    Maggie, that is funny!  By the way, I just visited your blog for the first time this morning, and realized we live in the same area!

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