We’ve seen her!

July 30th, 2010

I was sound asleep (!) in the parents’ sleeping room when Joe came to wake me up.

“If we go stand at just the right spot, we might get to see our baby go past on her way from surgery back to the PICU!”


Dr. Clark came out of the elevator, glanced our way and came to a sudden halt.  He explained that of the two main procedures (the patching of the large central hole, and the repair of the valves), the valve repair went exceptionally well and the patching job needed to be tweaked.  After the tweaking, there were no leaks left in the patch.

Her heart muscle is squeezing strongly, and there were no complications to her brain.

The electrical impulse that travels diagonally through the heart from the top to the bottom is currently interrupted.  He had explained that this might occur due to the temporary swelling around the patch, and possibly due to the placement of the stitches themselves.  So she has an external pacemaker for the time being.  If her heart doesn’t pick up this work on its own by the time a week is up, they will implant one before she is discharged.

Not long after this conversation, down the hallway went Verity in her little crib.  They paused briefly to let us see her face, and then continued on their way to the PICU.


I’d gotten that far in the update when the social worker came by to take us back to see her!  I’ll write more about that later, but for the sake of getting this update out quickly, may I say that she looks BETTER to me now than she did last night.  Yes, there are tubes and wires all over the place, but she is RESTING! She had been working so hard just to keep breathing for so long, it is WONDERFUL to see her resting!  THANK THE LORD!!!

Two pictures, and please be warned that the second picture shows her incision~

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63 Responses to “We’ve seen her!”

  1. Robin says:

    That is wonderful!!  I am continuing to pray for her healing and recovery.

  2. Samantha says:

    I was thinking and praying for little Verity throughout the day.  She was especially on my mind because our oldest, Ethan, had to have surgery today to have some metal removed from his knee.  One of his brothers was hammering some empty 22. shells for a Ramset (like a nail gun) on the ground in our basement that is a construction zone right now, He pounded on one that hadn’t been used yet, and when it exploded, part of it entered Ethan’s knee.  We are thankful it didn’t enter any eyes.  He is staying overnight in the hospital for IV antibiotics.  Anyway, I was talking to Ethan about Verity’s surgery today and how tiny she is for such a major surgery.  You were on my mind throughout the day, and I am so glad that everything went well!  She is so precious!!

  3. Joan Crick says:

    My heart leapt with joy when I checked and there was an update on a successful surgery! Praise God! :) We leave for camp tomorrow, but I’m sure I will be checking for updates anyway. That probably means we won’t be able to visit this time, too, because hopefully you’ll be home before we are. Adrienne and I were talking about Verity’s surgery in the car this evening when I told her it went well. She asked if the hole in her heart was fixed and we talked a little about what they did. Then she asked if they saw God. She caught me off guard, so I asked who? She said the doctors – did they see God in Verity’s heart?! I couldn’t even answer because I got all teary at the precious innocence of that question. I’m sure one day soon we will all see God in Verity’s heart! :) Continuing to pray for your family.

  4. laura dean says:

    Praising God with you, I will continue to lift this sweet an beautiful blessing in prayer for continued healing. thank you for updating.
    Try to get some rest dear one :)

  5. Suvilla Fisher says:

    Psalms 75:1
    We give thanks to You, O God, we give thanks!
    For Your wondrous works declare that Your name is near.

  6. Barb Murphy says:

    We praise the Lord that the dear little sweetie’s surgery is behind her!  The brighter days are ahead!  God’s blessings to all of you!

  7. Angiedawn says:

    SO glad to see this finished update Susanna! I am so so so thankful that she looks better already!!!

  8. Becca says:

    I’m so glad it all went well!!  Oh, goodness, those photos brought back some memories and some tears.  Btw, Samantha’s defect was also a complete AV canal defect.  Hugs, and hopes for a swift recovery!!

  9. Lauren says:

    Oh, Sue, she does look a LOT better.  She doesn’t look like she’s struggling.

  10. Wanda says:

    My heart is so full of joy right now for you and your family . She looks so beautiful and Iam praying for you dear sister :) God is so GOOD, well GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Stefani Heustis says:

    Oh she looks SO good!  I will send you pics of Sarah’s surgery soon!  I am SO happy for you!  Hang in there.  One mega step done!  Love and prayers!!!

  12. Cole says:

    Oh- happy, pink lil baby! Tears of happiness for you!

  13. Colleen says:

    We are all so glad and will continue to pray… she looks really good! (I’m a nurse, so I don’t mind tubes at all!) ;)

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