Verity and Lasix

July 16th, 2010

Those two just don’t seem to be getting along well together these days.

As eagerly as we look for signs of improvement since we’ve increased her dosage yesterday, we haven’t seen any yet.

We are thankful to be able to report that she isn’t worse, though!

After talking it over this evening, we’ve decided that if by tomorrow morning her breathing hasn’t calmed down, and her eating hasn’t picked up, we’ll call the heart doctors.  Maybe they will tell us that we haven’t given it enough time?  We’re not sure.

We are continuing to witness the lovely sight of the body of Christ helping us in our time of need.  All the help is coordinated perfectly and exactly suited to our situation, although the only one coordinating this help is Christ, the Head of His body.  He is sending some to encourage, some to show hospitality or care to our children, some to supply food, some to share financially, some to serve other physical needs, and many, many to pray for us.  Thank you, our brothers and sisters in Christ, for responding to Jesus’ promptings.  We can clearly see that you are following His instructions, and He is using you in a beautiful way in our family.  We praise Him for every one of you!

On Wednesday our children went to stay with that wonderful family who has welcomed them so many times now.  They always make it sound like we are doing them a big favor by allowing them to enjoy our children…!  And they gave them supper before bringing them back home to their well-rested mom.

Yesterday a friend stayed here so that we could take Verity to the Heart Group without worries.  And brought us a BIG bag of yummy bagels–a real treat for us!

Today Joseph and Daniel went to work for their uncle again, and the rest of the children had a blast getting wet and jumping on the trampoline at our friends’ house.  They got some great pictures for us!  Joshua got to do some outside work for them, which is his favorite activity.  And then the mother of the family sent supper home with them for all of us!

Verity and I rested at home today like good little girls.  I’ve slowly been recovering from the physical difficulties I experienced at the beginning of the week, thank the Lord.

Baby doll, as Stephen calls her, didn’t show me her eyeballs until after supper tonight, so I quickly took advantage of her alertness to do a mini photo shoot, although the light was fading fast.  This blogging venture is having the side benefit of reminding me to take pictures!

These look SO much like Laura did as an infant!

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10 Responses to “Verity and Lasix”

  1. Marilyn Osborn says:

    Oh, she makes my heart smile!!!!!!!
    Continuing to pray……
    It is a blessing to hear how He is working!

  2. greta says:

    sending my love! give Verity a Big Kiss from me :)

  3. Tracy says:

    She truly is a baby doll! She is so very beautiful.

  4. Jennifer says:

    She is so precious!!  I just love seeing pictures of her – I’m sure she gets cuter ever time you post.  Praising God that you have so much support and help.  God has such special plans for your little Verity.

  5. Lisa says:

    So glad you captured those beautiful pictures.  I don’t always comment but I’ve been keeping up with your posts and continuing to pray. 

  6. Ashley says:

    Verity is such a blessing! My little sister, Laura, is almost 9 months old and has Down Syndrome. When she was born, she had the same exact heart defect Verity has. She had surgery on it when she was almost 3 months old back in January. She was on Lasix also before and after her surgery :) I was wondering, does Verity also have a PDA? Laura did so she had to get that repaired at the same time. My little sis is totally happy and healthy now. I know the thought of heart surgery is scary(I know it scared us), but God will bring you and Verity through and she will be so much healthier because of it :) I wanted to encourage you with this song. I listened to this song on the way to the hospital the morning Laura had her surgery. It is so encouraging just to know that we serve an amazing God who will carry us through anything and everything :) Also, if you would like to watch the video I made for my little sister’s heart surgery(to kind of know what to expect) then here is the link to that as well: Verity will be in my thoughts and prayers.
    Love, Ashley

  7. Yvonda says:

    She’s so sweet, Susanna!  Thanks for taking those pictures. 

  8. Oh Susanna.. how do you keep yourself from keeping your lips firmly planted on her her little toes kissing them all the time?  Please kiss her “sandal gap” for me.  I just love it!  ((((((((((Susanna and Verity))))))))))


  9. mimi says:

    Oh Suzanna she is adorable! I am praying for you all (((HUGS)))

  10. Shari~hotfudgecustard says:

    Yes, those are sweet toes!!!  And cheeks!!!

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