Progress Report

July 18th, 2010

Joe again.

I heard from Susanna at noon.  Verity has responded to the Lasix in that she no longer suffers from congestive heart failure.  Her breathing is much better, BUT she is still averaging one ounce per feeding instead of two.

The DR has stated that he wants to see her taking in at least the two ounces per feeding before she is discharged from the hospital.  The DR today is even considering the NG tube which is confusing to us since the DR we saw Thursday said that if it came to that, they would just do the surgery.  We are hoping they all have some kind of conversation to work out the different signals we are getting from the different doctors.

So for the time being, Susanna and Verity remain in the hospital.  We’re praying that she’ll start eating.

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7 Responses to “Progress Report”

  1. Patti says:

    Thank you for the update- we are all praying hard for Verity.

  2. Tracy says:

    We’re praying for your little dolly Verity, and your whole family! Blessings, Tracy

  3. Joy Horton says:

    Thank you so much for updating, Joe. Praying for wisdom for the doctors. So glad to hear that Verity is responding to the Lasix. She’s so heavy on my heart.

  4. Suvilla Fisher says:

    You all are close to our hearts, with Love and Prayers.
    Thanks for keeping us posted, Boys

  5. TracyMenard says:

    Thank you for your updates. It is a privilege to pray with your family for your sweet baby girl. May the Lord continue to strengthen you family as He works in little Verity.

  6. Stefani Heustis says:

    Susanna and Joe,  if you don’t mind, would you email me a cell phone number or something for Susanna so that I can call her and talk?  My husband and I went through so many similar things with our angel baby, Sarah, born with DS and had open heart surgery at 5 months old.  The defects were different, and yet, our baby girl was drug and O2 dependent for quite a while and is now facing thyroid issues and more meds!  We have 13 children, two of them with DS and I would love to talk to her and encourage her, pray with her, hear her out.  Joe I am sure that if you need a dad who’s been there done that, my husband would be glad to talk to you and be a friend on this road.  Please email if we can help.  Also, can I ask what state you live in?  We are in CO and wonder how close/far we might be to you? 

    Much love and bathing in prayer!!!

  7. Thanks Joe.  Send our love to Susanna and Verity.. we are still praying! 

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