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July 31st, 2010

Verity and Mama last evening~

Verity and Daddy~

This is the card we have hanging on her bed, thanks to *four* friends!  The first friend, another mother who was once in my shoes, sent me a message with some practical ideas for our hospital stay.  One of her suggestions was that the nurses like to see what the child looked like when they were healthy.  Well, all our pictures are still on the camera card.  But another friend, who happens to be an artist, had made and sent this lovely card!  So when we were packing, I grabbed it and brought it along.  This picture of Verity shows her wrapped in two blankets, one with her name on it and the other handmade, and both sent with prayers by dear friends.  Thank you to *all* of you ladies!!

Verity this afternoon~

The nurse *FINALLY!* gave me permission to kiss Verity after she was very sedated.  She didn’t smell like my baby yet, but she will~

A sweet, perfect foot under the heat lamps~

And Verity under the heat lamps, aka the “french fry lights!”

Just so we don’t forget how she used to look.  This is one of my favorite shots, despite the poor focus.  I can hardly wait to see this Verity again!~

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21 Responses to “Pictures, pictures”

  1. stephanie says:

    Thanks for all the updates. I’ve been following closely. Prayers coming constantly.
    Love and hugs to Verity!

  2. I love the card on her crib rail and I am glad that it is that beautiful picture that includes her afghan!  :D

  3. So many prayers for your family Susanna. We MOMYS love you! I am so glad you are able to update so we know how to pray! (((VERITY)))

  4. Danielle Madison says:

    So glad you were able to give your sweety a kiss.  We are praying every day for Verity.  What a huge bunch of wires for such a tiny person.  It amazes me, the things that God has allowed man to discover and use their knowledge in such a powerful way, like surgery on an itty bitty heart.  I hope you are able to sleep some tonight.  Hugs to you, and prayers for your entire family. Thanks for the pictures.  Your haircut looks great!

  5. Joe and Susanna's children (and friends) says:

    Vie bisht du?  (How are you?)  We’re praying for you.

    Don’t worry about us.  The family we’re staying with are still very much our friends, and we’re having a lot of fun!

    This is from one of the friends we’re staying with:
    I wanted to tell you that we are really truly enjoying them and they are truly being a big help to us!

    Give Verity a kiss from all of us!  We love you.
    Goot nach!

  6. jennifer76 says:

    *tears* oh those pictures are all just precious.  I just adore the one of her sweet little foot, I just want to give her a kiss on it!  Praying for you all :).

  7. Joy Horton says:

    No words, just tears and sending you ((((((((((hugs)))))))))

  8. Susanna says:

    Christina!  You are right!  I edited my post–go back and read about that card again!

    And children–we miss you so much!  I’m sorry we missed your calls today!  It seems like at least two weeks since we’ve seen you!  I don’t know PA Dutch, but I can say gute nacht!  Lol!

    (We don’t put our last name on the internet, ahem!)

  9. Awwww! Those pictures bring tears to my eyes, so precious. Many prayers. . .

  10. Marilyn Osborn says:

    ….tears here, too….I hate to see her going through so much (and her momma) but I am SO CONFIDENT that the Lord is using her in such a MIGHTY way….it is beautiful.
    Love you, dear one…..praying …..M

  11. Kristin says:

    Praying that you’re one day closer to healthy Verity, the day when you get her back plus less struggling on her part.  Love the haircut and the pictures (though the tubes and wires make me teary for the mamma and the baby, the memories….)
    Sleep well dear friend!

  12. Denise says:


    Oh my those pictures are precious……. oh my…….

    We are praying— you are in our thoughts CONSTANTLY….   Verity is a buzz word in our home….. we all are so in love with her— and praying for her.

    I wish I knew how I could help– we are close– but I feel at a loss on what I could do to help– if there is anything PLEASE do not hesitate to call…  if you need something brought to you– or ANYTHING…..  PLEASE let me know….  (I pm’d you my phone number).       I would love to be of help… I will pray and wait on leading on how to best help you and your family…. until then–  I will pray.

  13. April Hardwick says:

    She is still so sweet even with all the tubes and wires! I’m so glad to hear she has made it through two big hurdles, GO VERITY!!

  14. Sabrina says:

    Those pictures sure stir up emotions…thanks for sharing them. I’m so glad the Lord is carrying you all through this time. We’ll keep praying.

  15. Angiedawn says:

    These pictures make my heart skip a beat.That pretty much sums up all that I feel.I can’t imagine how good it must have felt to kiss that sweet girl.I just love her so much! Praying that she breathes on her own very soon! Checking for updates often…….

  16. Zoey's mom says:

    Well,your fighter girl is doing an AMAZING job.Slow ans steady.Has been our mantra for a very long time now.
    Zoey took till day 4 to fire on her own.Nerve racking for sure but with faith and prayer we knew she could do it.And so will Verity.In her own time and in her most amazing, own way.
    Sending healing prayers to your sweet,sweet little love.

  17. Patti says:

    oh gosh, Susanna- I cannot imagine seeing my baby hooked up, etc. God truly has His hand on you, because you don’t sound a bit stressed! I’m praying for you always- our whole church is!!
    Lots of loves and kisses to that little sweet bundle. She is still adorable even sedated!!

  18. Adina says:

    I am still praying for Verity.  She is so beautiful, I cannot wait until she returns to her old self.  You choked me up when you said she does not smell like herself yet.  We will be going through this journey next month so I feel blessed to get a glipse of the reality through your eyes.  Prayers for you and your family.

  19. Neysha says:

    Oh I love those pics she is so precious.  May the Lord be with you today.  In our prayer always.

  20. Loooooooooooooove the pictures!  (((HUGS))) <—- This will have to do since I can’t give you one in real life!  (yet!)

  21. Aunt Erma says:

    Thanks for all the updates and the pictures.   I love that card that your friends made—how precious.     We’re praying for her.    I’m looking forward to meeting Verity and seeing you in another week and a half.
         Love, Aunt Erma

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